Vista/Norton 360 Certificate problem with Hotmail

  jenney_elf 17:48 24 Jun 2007

I had no trouble accessing hotmail even with the combination of vista and norton 360 until a few weeks ago. I can now only access this by disabling transaction security in Norton 360.I have had two sessions with Norton which have been entirely unhelpful and am now getting messages about "engine error" on a number of sites. This does not seem to interfere with my ability to access them however. Any suggestions with regards to the hotmail problem?

  Kate B 19:05 24 Jun 2007

It works if you turn Norton off? Ditch Norton - sorry, that sounds a bit drastic, but I'm not a fan of Norton, it's too big and too likely to get in the way of what you're doing.

  PerfectFifth 10:24 04 Jul 2007

Hi Jenney, This indicates that your Norton 360 is damaged. Use the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall Norton 360.

Go to click here, click on SUPPORT, enter the text ENGINE ERROR 360, click on the first search result it provides you with and it'll ask you to download the 360 removal tool. Download it, run it and the reinstall 360. Hope this helps.....

  [email protected] 11:08 04 Jul 2007

i havnt tried 360 as kate must have, so i cant comment, i have a second pc running vista and had nis 2007 installed i was getting error messages on shutdown, symantec told me they have had problems since the last vista updates to which they are working on, i suppose this may be the same with 360, i would however try a reinstall.

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