Is Vista worth the upgrade?

  simon_lambert 11:18 11 Feb 2007

PC Advisor (and many more mags) have praised Vista. However, it has also received a lot of criticism. But from your point of view, is it a good OS? What makes it better than XP? Thanks, Si

  anskyber 11:43 11 Feb 2007

Have a read here for my views and some others. click here

  LastChip 12:02 11 Feb 2007

This has pretty much been done to death. A search will reveal huge amounts of opinions, both for and against.

click here for one such thread.

My view: It's expensive for very little gain and some quite significant built in deterrents.

There are undoubtedly some improvements in the way security is handled, but at a cost of annoyance every time you want to load something on the machine. Although this can be disabled, that would rather defeat the purpose.

There is also some rather draconian built in DRM technology, that will restrict the way you can use premium content.

Much of the hype surrounds the Aero Glass GUI. But this is only be available in the premium editions and providing your computer hardware can support it.

Drivers are still an issue for older peripherals and may remain so if manufacturers decide not to provide them, thereby forcing hardware upgrades.

Search, is undoubtedly improved, but will be of little practical value to home users. Most know where they put something. It's real power comes for business use.

The anti-piracy measures will be a real pain in the neck for anyone that changes their computer hardware configuration regularly.

All in all, if you have XP and it works well; don't bother.

  Kate B 14:11 11 Feb 2007

Actually, I disagree about the search facility. I think it's a big plus - I now don't really care where something's installed or parked itself, I just go to it intuitively via the search and I suspect other home users, particularly those who aren't terribly confident with the Windows file structure, will also find it a boon.

I think the only really compelling reason to upgrade is if you're a parent as you can really lock down what your kids can and can't do on the machine. Otherwise I can't see any overwhelming reason to upgrade.

  RichMc2 17:16 16 Feb 2007

Windows Vista home premium and office small business 2007 offers a substantial DOWNGRADE from XP home & office 2003 no more fax no scan into word and the best one yet the worst networking problems ever, you can’t even backup from your vista machine to an XP Home machine all in all I've spent £350 on a rubbish upgrade, had to buy the latest Nero to get it to run buy network magic to get printer and file sharing to work and still haven’t found a backup program that works, try dragging files to shared folders you get 12Mb transfers on a gigabit lan (snail) and the best bit, if vista tries to send an unrecognisable file the whole process freezes both machines! I really wish I hadn't bothered........All I want now is a sharp axe and ten minutes alone in a room with Bill Gates.

  Managing ed 17:25 16 Feb 2007

I think it's a good OS (whatever that means) but I can't see many compelling reasons to upgrade.

A look at the current poll (click here) suggests that most people aren't at all interested in upgrading.

Personally, I can see no compelling reason to upgrade:

click here

...but I'm interested as to why people feel this way. Any further offers?

  Kate B 19:19 16 Feb 2007

OS = operating system. Please tell me you're joking. The managing editor of a PC magazine should know that.

  anskyber 19:26 16 Feb 2007

The English language is a wonderful tookit and capable of all sorts of interpretation.

I read the

"I think it's a good OS (whatever that means)" as questioning what the definition of "good" is in the context of an OS rather than seeking the meaning of the shorthand of OS (?)

  SteveWH 20:56 16 Feb 2007

I have had Vista on a shiny new PC for a day along with Office 2007.

It hasn't been hassle free, office crashes more often than a fairground bumper car. My printer for HP has no decent drivers (par for the course for HP). But then I remember it was the same for XP and office 2003.

I think Vista is stunning, streets ahead of OSX(which I run on my mac. When all the usual upgrade angst has settled down this will have been a quantum leap.

Not sure about office though at the moment wish I hadn't bothered!!!

  Kate B 21:08 16 Feb 2007

anskyber - you're probably right. I hope so, anyway!

  moomin troll 22:08 16 Feb 2007

I've had vista installed on my new p.c for the best part of a week now, and I'm quite surprise as to how few problems I've had. I made sure I bought components that had drivers though, apart from the 7600gt that I already had, but it seems to be running fine.

Being a parent of a 7 and 8 year old I am glad of the built in parental controls and find them easy to configure and so far effective. I hope it stays effective because my boy is getting a little more curious about things as each day passes.

the new aero glass interface is very pretty and the flip 3d thing is cool, but dont really see any real gain from them unless all your after if the eye candy. I must say I would rather have them than not, it puts a little more enjoyment back into my time on my pc.

I agree that the search facility is a big improvement but I dont really use it that often as I tend to know where I have placed any documents I have created or downloaded files.

I found that vista connected to my home network and the internet without any bother, but when it come to file and resource sharing I had a few problems. It took me a while to get it working properly but I put that down to me finding my way around a new os.

Is it worth the upgrade? Depends whether your willing to work through the inevitable problems a new os is going to experience. I,m glad I installed it, but I have the safety net of 2 xp machines if the worst were to happen.

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