Vista Won't Boot - Startup Repair can't fix

  Buzbyb6 21:19 23 Feb 2009

Have Vista running on Dell Inspiron 1720. All of a sudden I can't start Windows. Startup Repair can't fix the problem and System restore can't seem to solve the problem either. Am starting to panic.

Startup Repair listed the following as the problem details but it leaves me clueless.

Problem Event Name:Startup repairV2

Problem Signature 01: AutoFailure

Prob Sig 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000

Prob Sig 03: 6

Prob Sig 04: 786444

Prob Sig 05: Corruptvolume

Prob Sig 06: NoRootCause

Prob Sig 07: 0

Prob Sig 08: 2

Prob Sig 09: WrpRepair

Prob Sig 10: 87

OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Local ID: 1003

Have used Dell pre-boot checks and all physical systems seem fine so must be software. Can anyone help?


  ventanas 21:54 23 Feb 2009

click here

a couple of ideas

  Buzbyb6 01:09 24 Feb 2009

Thanks Ventanas for your link. tried Chkdsk which did find and repair some oddities, but still in same sinking boat.

When I try System Restore I get System cannot find the file specified (0x80070002)

Any ideas? I have a feeling my next question is going to be how to back-up/copy files from a dying Vista....

  skidzy 11:58 25 Feb 2009

I assume you can boot into safemode ?

If so,goto control panel and uninstall a program,tick show updates and uninstall the most recent updates and try a reboot.

If this is successful,you now know its an update causing you this problem.

Just a small idea for now.

  skidzy 12:05 25 Feb 2009

ive just come across another thread you have running in another forum,you have received some excellent advice from Malke....and if the proposed suggestions from Malke and myself do not work....i would confirm to follow Malke 's advice to try a factory restore,but backup first if possible.

  Buzbyb6 16:26 25 Feb 2009

No can't get into safe mode. Am stopped after the crcdisk.sys driver gets loaded.

Am shifting my research to trying to back up from a live CD. This is all new ground for me. All thoughts are appreciated.


  skidzy 16:57 25 Feb 2009

Im no expert with Linux but this may help out to recover your data click here obviously you need the Knoppix live cd

Based on an older version but will give you an idea click here

  Buzbyb6 17:27 25 Feb 2009

Thanks Skidzy, v. interesting reading.

Once I am backed up... any ideas? I mean should I go back to a Dell factory image, not that I am all that knowledgeable about images, or do a disk format, not that I know about that either!

  skidzy 17:36 25 Feb 2009

Just as an idea;
you can go back to the Dell restore image but you may find you have three options from the recovery partition,such as.

1) reinstall windows without data loss

2) reinstall windows with data loss

3) restore to factory settings (destructive) all data and settings will be lost.

Consult your manual.

Did you ever create the restore discs ?

  Buzbyb6 22:03 25 Feb 2009

If only...


  skidzy 23:06 25 Feb 2009

If you wish to format the hdd back to factory settings...if at all possible !

NOTE: You must press the <F8> key before the Windows logo appears on the
screen. If you press <F8> after the Windows logo appears on the screen, the
Advanced Boot Options menu will not appear on the screen. If you do not see
the Advanced Boot Options menu, restart the computer, and then repeat this
step until you see the menu on the screen.

Press <Down Arrow> to select Repair Your Computer on the Advanced
Boot Options menu, and then press <Enter>.

Specify the language settings that you want, and then click Next.

Log in as a user who has administrative credentials, and then click OK.

Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

In the Dell Factory Image Restore window, click Next.
Select the Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory
condition checkbox.

Click Next. The computer is restored to the default factory configuration.

When the restore operation is completed, click Finish to restart the

If your computer was shipped with the Vista dvd,the above will not apply.
Only applies to a pre-installed operating system.

Lets hope its a software/update issue and not the hdd.

Good luck Buzby.

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