Vista Windows Login Password - never expire

  CLONNEN 13:21 21 Mar 2007

I recently discovered that Vista's Windows Password wants changing every 42 days so I had a hunt about on Google and eventually I discovered how to set the password to Never Expire.

Switch to Classic Menus - right-click empty part of the Taskbar, select Properties and in the Start Menu section select Classic Menus option.

Go to Start - Run and type

cmd (then press Enter)

Then type

net accounts

You should see a value called maxpwage is set to 42 - this needs to be changed to unlimited so that your password will never expire.


net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited

You should get a message saying it was successful.


net accounts (it should now say unlimited next to maxpwage)

You do need to be logged in as an Administrator to do this.

  Genius1 20:32 21 Mar 2007

A good tip, but I can't see why you'd want to turn this feature off?

Changing passwords regularly is necessary for security...

  CLONNEN 11:09 22 Mar 2007

I'm on a home network so security isn't a priority.

Plus my network drive relies on the Windows Usernames and Passwords for drive access. ie. if Windows Password changes it will stop that user from being able to access important files and documents - and I'm not changing the info every 42 days - it's easier to leave it as it is.

If I left it on the default security setting the children would change the password, forget what the new password is, and then no-one would be able to access Windows or the Network Drive.

  MikeFrankum 02:40 04 Mar 2009

I realise this is a very old topic - I don't even know whether it will get any response at this stage - but I have a problem. I am set as the administrator Mike Frankum, but when I switch to Classic menu, I automatically get switched to User\Michael . No longer the admin account. The Michael account was finished with some time ago, and I can find no trace of it outside of the Classic Menus option, just the administrator Mike Frankum account. Anyway, I am a home user, with no need for passwords, but every time this comes up, the contradiction between the Mike Frankum and the ghost Michael account causes real problems. Could somebody please help me to lay the ghost to rest, so I can stop the couintdown? (It's obviously something stupid I've done, I know!)

  bremner 09:57 04 Mar 2009

FYI it is considered bad form to hijack a thread with your problem.

You should start a new thread.

  MikeFrankum 11:22 04 Mar 2009

Thanks for the info bremner. I'm sorry for any difficulties I may have caused. I realise that my problem is only tangentially involved with the original post, but I only saw the problem when I tried to follow the advice kindly posted by CLONNEN. I'll take your advice, and try again. Cheers!

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