Vista vs XP editions

  jz 20:01 23 Jan 2007

Ignoring for now the business editions, what are the rough XP equivalents of the various Vista versions?

We have Vista Basic, Vista Premium and Vista Ultimate. Where abouts do these lie within (or outside) the XP home and XP media centre.

For instance, is Vista Premium halfway between XP home and media centre?

  Jake_027 20:05 23 Jan 2007

Vista Home Basic=XP Home-Very Basic
Vista Home Premium=XP Media Centre
Vista Business=XP Professional
Vista Ultimate=XP Home, Media Centre and Pro all rolled into one. It includes ALL new Vista features. Home Premium is best for home users, Business for professionals, and Ulitmate for Power/Hobby users.


  jz 20:13 23 Jan 2007

Thanks Jake,

Interesting that you say that Vista Home Basic = XP Home-Very Basic. What's missing in Vista Home Basic that is in XP Home? I know that aero isn't in Vista basic, but it isn't in XP home either (and I'm not actually that interested in aero anyway).

So, what things in XP Home will I miss out on if I get Vista Home Basic?

I'm not upgrading, but will be buying a new laptop in the Spring, which will of course come with Vista. Mind you, I'm not sure that I'll be given a choice in Vista versions - I suspect that people like Dell will settle on Premium for all but the very lowest costs PCs.

  Jake_027 16:44 25 Jan 2007

What I meant was Vista home basic is very basic-I see how you got confused. Like you say most manufacturers will settle with premium-and while XP Home is not basic (it only misses remote desktop and Media Centre) Home Basic Vista will miss out on many new Vista features, so go for premium if you can-in terms of Vista Home Basic VS Xp Home though, I don't think you are missing anything.


  De Marcus™ 23:16 25 Jan 2007

I would have thought most box shifters would have opted for Home Premium???

  jz 19:29 27 Jan 2007

"Home Basic Vista will miss out on many new Vista features"

Is there a features comparison chart anywhere between the various Vista versions? As I said, I'm really not fussed about Aero - I use a computer as a tool, and even have XP set up with the old W98-style interface, which I prefer. I've heard that Aero uses more battery power too on a laptop, so time between charging is shorter. But I'm interested in seeing what else I might be missing out on - non-GUI features.

It may be academic, of course, if all manufacturers give you no choice but Premium or higher.

  Jake_027 21:24 27 Jan 2007


click here

click here

Hope this helps.


  sunny staines 14:00 28 Jan 2007

I think most of those buying vista are going for home premium, the basic was meant for the 3rd world like africa & india. not sure about ultimate there does not seem to be much in there for the extra cash.

  jz 20:13 29 Jan 2007

sunny staines: I think that the edition that you're thinking of is the Starter edition, which is for places like Africa and India. I'm not even sure if MS call this version Vista.

Jake-027: thanks for the links, that's very helpful. It confirmed my suspicions - Basic is all I need.

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