vista upgrade unsuccessful 64%

  OCRIDION 01:14 18 May 2008

Hi, i have a problem with installing vista. I have a Vista Upgrade CD, and a Windows XP Home edition PC from HP. XP being with the computer thus is OEM.

When i upgrade vista (Only on desktop, won't let me boot up from disk), it install successfully and goes on a roll with me sporting it on for 4 hours. It then gets to the point where it is 64% on Completing Upgrade. The screen then goes Blue with a Few white lines, like messed up graphic. It then suddenly restarts and says upgrade unsuccessful and rolls me back to my XP.

On booting back into XP i get a few messages about how it wouldn't install. Yet no explanation. I found the log file and it says a few failures but explanation. i got an error code in this log file that repeats it self. 0xe000020d

Eventvwr says an error saying it recovered from serious error (I was notified of this but no info). The error code from event vwr is 0x0000050.

I have 2gb, Radeon Express 200 graphics onboard, 80gb hdd (35gb free).

ran compatibility check before and i was fine. ???


  disasterdave 06:37 18 May 2008

hi, i had the same problem when upgrading to vista, turned out my ram was faulty, so try removing a stick of ram and see if it works if not replace and remove the other one.

  mrwoowoo 16:01 18 May 2008

If the memory trick doesn't work,try unpluging all usb devices before you upgrade.
If this don't work try going into Device manager and deleting all the USB drivers and anything that has a ! next to it because Vista upgrade deletes those drivers and then seems to lose itself.
Obviously a pain loading them all again afterwards so have them ready.
I believe you can still do a clean instal with an upgrade cd,so this may be your best option if all fails.

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