Vista Upgrade enter activation? enable a version?

  Internetwhizzkid 21:26 04 Apr 2007


this might seem a bit silly me asking this but when I have looked on the internet many people have said that when they upgrade or install windows vista they say do not enter your activation code and then only activate it when it is installed. What is the advantage of this.

Also again this may seem silly but because my upgrade to windows vista is the home basic version. If I said that my version was higher than that in the installation ( home premium instead of home basic) Will I be able to use my serial for the home basic but be able to use and activate a version like home premium. Would this work? is it part of the imstallation flaw

Any help and advice would be great and I think I will need it before i upgrade the system.



  Jimmy14 22:29 04 Apr 2007

On your first point, I think they are meaning using an upgrade copy of Vista, by installing it and not entering a serial number it allows you to install it a second time whilst in Vista which means you can then use it like a clean install. This is an advantage on not buying the full copy which is a lot more expensive than the upgrade copy.

When you enter your serial number when installing Vista, it automatically detects what version the serial is for and in your case will automatically install Home Basic. If you do not enter a serial key and select a higher version, you will go to activate Vista when installed using your home basic key and it will tell you that they key entered belongs to a different edition as I have experienced in a test of curiousity.

  Internetwhizzkid 22:35 04 Apr 2007

Oh thats a shame. I wish that was one of the flaws save me a lot of money that way

Thanks for letting me know


  Jimmy14 22:42 04 Apr 2007

When you're on Home Basic, Go into Control Panel and select "Windows Anytime Upgrade". It allows you to choose from different retailers and purchase the next version up for a reduced price. See how much it would cost you.

  xgermz 12:35 05 Apr 2007

Theres a second reason not mentioned here, but its far more important i think.

If you enter the product key DURING install, (this happened to me on the Vista Ultimate 64bit OEM, OEM since the retail prices are EXTORTIONATE in the UK), you get limited to 3 days to actually activate it.

Again 3 days!!! So if you discover any hardware issues (like i did) this causes many issues, as with OEM you should'nt be able to "re-activate" the software, unless your persuasive over the phone.

However if you install the operating system WITHOUT entering the product key, you get given a 30 day limit to actually activate the operating system, and also you can take advantage of the "reset" button, which i might add microsoft is happy for you to use up to a limit of 6 times, i.e. the 180 day timebomb thing (which is usefull if the faulty hardware you bought is in great demand, and there wont be any shipments for a while!), which you CANT use if you had entered the product key during install.

  cbaylor 03:38 10 Apr 2007

My question to those who might no is I wanted to go back to XP and when it came downt to activate it says to many and must contact microsoft or something to that affect, does this mean I would have to pau twice for XP again or how can I resolve this? Help If you can


  CodenameCueball 20:44 10 Apr 2007

the vista basic disk is the same as the ultimate disk. they contain all versions. your serial no is designed for home basic so it wont work with premium.
that's microsoft for you!

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