Vista update problems

  Girlfromschool 14:03 23 Feb 2008

I know there's a problem but please how can I, a total technophobe, sort it out or will I just have to wait until the bods come up with the fix? It won't allow uninstall I've tried 3 times. I have an blue screen error message and the laptop has to be re started.
Any advice would be very helpful as I can get a friend to 'translate' what you say. Thanks,,in desperation

  BurrWalnut 14:09 23 Feb 2008

Are you talking about Vista downloads from Microsoft?

Next time you get a BSOD make a note of the hexadecimal error number (the format is 0x00000aaa, where aaa is the error number, e.g. 05A) and look for an explanation of your error number as shown in the left pane here click here

If the blue screen error is not displayed long enough to read the message, press F8 when the computer is booting then pick the option that says 'Disable automatic restart on system failure'.

  Girlfromschool 14:13 23 Feb 2008

I'll get my friend to try this, probably Monday. I simply do not have the confidence to do it myself but you make it sound easy. I will make sure I post back if this works..

  Thornford 15:24 23 Feb 2008

Some of the most recent updates from MS have gone horribly wrong. On reboot, tapping F8 will bring up advanced boot menu. choose 'repair your computer', choose system restore, choose language, select user account, enter password, choose most recent restore point, finish. When pc restarts, go to control panel, Windows Update and turn it off for a couple of weeks. Keep checking back at PC Advisor for further info on when you can turn it back on again.

  Girlfromschool 17:50 23 Feb 2008

Thank you. the **thing keeps going off. I'll get my friend to do this on Monday. All ideas very welcome....
I'll let you know how it went.

  Girlfromschool 11:50 24 Feb 2008

Is your suggestion the same as the "select alternative restore point" which I found on systems and maintenance please?
If so, I have already tried a point before this Vista update problem started i.e. selected 08/02/2008 and it still refused to uninstall.

I'm very annoyed, as I am sure a lot of people are.

  peter99co 21:52 24 Feb 2008

I did mine this way Vista Updates @ 14/02/08 RE KB938371 etc.

  peter99co 21:56 24 Feb 2008

Sorry Search for my posting in Vista forum could not get a click to work. I had to restore to 08/01/08

  Rob-uk 04:27 25 Feb 2008

This sounds like the same as happened to my son
What we did was after restoring to previous time
install update KB938371 on its own by unticking all the other available updates then restart
then let auto update install all the other updates
This worked for us
Hope it helps you

  girlatwork 05:24 02 Jul 2008

my boss recently went overseas on a business trip. unforunatly he took it into his head to update vista in china. since then the laptop has been on an increasing downward spiral. word doesnt work. explorer doesnt work, i downloaded firefox which worked fine initially and then, as with most software installed, it quit on me too. i tried to uninstall acrobat wouldnt allow me to.

its eating my programs!!!!!!

can i fix this?

or must i reformat :(

pleeeeeaaase help.

  peter99co 16:11 02 Jul 2008

Re post this as a new subject you may get a better response

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