vista taskbar 'programs' folder multiple entry-has anyone experienced this?

  theDarkness 17:01 03 Oct 2011

click here for pic

I sometimes get a multiple entry of the programs folder inside the startup bars "all programs"! I have placed two pics side by side so you can see the content is identical. It does go away after a restart, but is unusual, has happened many times, and I cannot work out what the cause may be? Does anyone have any idea? Not annoying, but probably the oddest thing ive experienced in vista. If I choose 'open all users' by right clicking on 'all programs', I can see this programs folder next to the 2 icons-default programs and windows update. If I open this "programs" folder, I do not see an identical folder within it. Vista doesnt seem to realise that the choice of 'all programs' in the startbar to show all my installed software (as in my pic), is a reference to the 'programs' folder, and so another seems to be created for no reason. Odd!

  theDarkness 20:50 03 Oct 2011

update: Ive tried deleting this extra 'Programs' folder that shows in the startbar in my pic, but ive noticed that it doesnt disappear unless I move it to the recycle bin twice! So now I have two 'Programs' folders in the bin, with their locations showing inside the bin as:

C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

There seems to be an obvious conflict with my startup content-as although my normal 'all programs' content still shows in the startbar bar, custom or not (eg 'DVD and Video', 'Games' and 'Internet' etc as in my pic), what is inside them no longer shows, when I click on any of these folders. This must be because I have now temporarily moved both of those extra unwanted 'Programs' folders to the recycle bin, and that one of these two unwanted Programs folders (if not both) is actually also my original 'all programs' content too, and that I should definately not delete them. Could the 'Roaming' location may be the most temporary one, and perhaps the one to delete, if there is a conflict? Or should I merge both of these unwanted Programs files and move it back to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu.. or both original locations?

ps I hope this isnt too confusing, I know I should just leave these extra 'Programs' folders and restart, but I wanted to work out why they were occurring in the first place. Im not sure if Ill ever find out... a possible vista bug and nothing else :( lol

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