Vista support(non!)from Microsoft

  Kata12 18:29 01 Mar 2007

I can't believe that Microsoft are offering such a meagre Timeframe for its support of Vista. What does this bode for those of us who want to stay with windows XP?which seems like a much better OS anyway.Having read numerous articles on the new OS,it does seem that unless you have a top-notch ,high-end Computer you need the more expensive Premium or Ultimate editions of Vista anyway.So all in all it's a very expensive business anyway.I hope that there is some time yet for support for XP to continue.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 01 Mar 2007

You should not need support on XP by now and to be truthful you should, not need Vista support after 5 years. There will always be places like this forum.


  spuds 18:37 01 Mar 2007

XP support will always be available via forums like this. There are still a number of people using earlier Microsoft operating systems, and doing a simple Google search will provide most answers.

  Kata12 18:50 01 Mar 2007

It's not that support for the operating System is needed personally.Its the principle of lack of support after a certain period of time weighed against the price of the OS. For those that are not members of forums,for example may feel cut off when the day comes when they might need some help.Microsoft should at least keep it at +5 years,I feel to justify the cost.

  Kata12 19:00 01 Mar 2007

I feel that the cost of Vista Premium and Ultimate Editions should warrant support for a longer period of time than Microsoft is claiming it will provide,after all it took XP 2 service packs to get where it is today,so surely Microsoft can do better!!

  anskyber 19:12 01 Mar 2007

And it will.

Looking at the future it will be a couple of years at least before Vista is at saturation point as far as the market is concerned. Only two years on is not realistic for support to stop. XP was similarly posted to stop early and is was/had to be extended.

It is not surprising MS are saying what they are saying now. However, if MS do succeed in a quicker life cycle for their products then many will simply miss a step out perhaps leading to little extra sales for MS in the long run.

They also risk encouraging a migration, even from a substantial minority to Macs or Linux. I note Dell will be producing laptops with Linux in the near future.

I have no problem with it. My upgrade cost me £140 and if it lasts 3 years I think its pretty cheap ( I'm alone in that view I know) when compared with many things. I do not go to watch football or subscribe to Sky but looking as comparisons.

  jackhass 19:32 01 Mar 2007

anskyber are you saying that you are now running a paid for Vista upgrade?

  Totally-braindead 19:40 01 Mar 2007

I must admit this came as surprise to me. I thought it was too expensive and I thought we were paying more than the US just because Microsoft could charge us more. Now it appears they are also deciding to cut the support time in half so if you thought it was a bit expensive before the effective price has now doubled as the time frame has halfed.
Call me cynical but I think they are just being greedy. I believe Vistas replacement was set an estimated launch date of approximatly 5 years time. Just the time that they will stop supporting Vista. Funny coincidence that isn't it?
Anyone else smell a rat?
On the plus side they did extend the support for XP so regarding that I'm fairly happy as I'm delaying going to Vista and by the looks of this I might be able to completely avoid Vista and go straight to Vienna in 5 years time.

  Forum Editor 20:01 01 Mar 2007

that anyone will be needing telephone support for Vista after five years. The Microsoft knowledge base will still be available long after that, of course, and will answer all but the most extraordinary queries.

In any event, these support deadlines aren't set in stone - Microsoft can revise them if necessary, it's been done in the past.

  [email protected] 21:36 01 Mar 2007

so why have they extended support for xp?

  anskyber 22:15 01 Mar 2007


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