Vista Support

  crosstrainer 11:20 01 Mar 2007

So support for this brand new OS, yet to have full driver support is to end in five years time...what a con....I suppose Vienna is a long way towards beta already. This mad marketing sell new hardware treadmill is reaching epic proportions.....Maybe it's time to return to Linux!

  anskyber 11:29 01 Mar 2007

Rather like with XP they will be forced to extend the cover. With many not getting Vista for a while and the new system trickling in with new PCs the shelf life for some people could be only a year or two.

It all has a feel of MS trying to reassert itself after the long gestation period for Vista, they'll get over it!

  crosstrainer 11:32 01 Mar 2007

They may be forced to provided "critical updates only" for longer, but I reckon they are banking on the shelf life of a PC getting even shorter than it is now....the harware and pc builders stand to milk it big time...(shouldn't moan as i am one) but feel sorry for people who will need yet more new kit so soon.

  anskyber 11:42 01 Mar 2007

With you there completely. Vienna may well be more advanced in it's preparation than I think. There are certainly elements not included in Vista which were once expected.

If MS do succeed in a quicker life cycle for their products then many will simply miss a step out perhaps leading to little extra sales for MS in the long run.

They also risk encouraging a migration, even from a substantial minority to Macs or Linux. I note Dell will be producing laptops with Linux in the near future.

  crosstrainer 11:47 01 Mar 2007

I am going to start a limited range of Linux based options....see how it goes!

  gudgulf 11:54 01 Mar 2007

This means that XP is going to be supported beyond Vista.

I can't help but think that "maybe" Microsoft is using Vista as a stepping stone to Vienna.....which will presumably have all the features touted for Longhorn but subsequently removed in Vista,like the new file system.

I really can't help but think in terms of Vista being another Windows Me type operating enhanced version of what went before but with many features of the next operating system (XP) onboard.

  crosstrainer 12:01 01 Mar 2007

100% they rushed Vista out as a stop gap OS Vienna will have the features this is supposed to. I think I will leave my other High spec desktop..and my laptop with XP until Vienna (or whatever else they choose to call it Vista2?) appears...if I am not retired by then and sitting in a nice cottage in Snowdonia, and leaving all this behind!

  anskyber 12:04 01 Mar 2007

It certainly has that feel about it.

I am very pleased with Vista but the major code rewrite has taken time and MS would have looked pretty foolish if something had not been released when it did.

We shall all see but there has been enough around in terms of MS comment subsequently qualified or "withdrawn" to suggest we are not too far off the mark.

I have no problem with it. My upgrade cost me £140 and if it lasts 3 years I think its pretty cheap ( I'm alone in that view I know) when compared with many things. I do not go to watch football or subscribe to Sky but looking as comparisons.

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