Vista start up problem on new PC build

  tigertop2 12:27 10 Jan 2009


I have just completed a new Corei7 PC build and am using Vista (Home premium) for the first time.

All seemed fine at first and I loaded the usual 'need to hav' programmes such as Spyware Docto, Ad Aware and Spybot plus my HP C3180 multifunction printer. Got a wireless link set up OK with my router and all seemed well. YI had hangs followed by BSOD on the start up and on looking at the system, when it did occasionally recover, have noted a problem recorded as

Referred to as BC code 50

Anyone got any ideas what this is ansd how it can be fixed?

It may not be the only problem but it appears to be the main one Right now I have torn out most of my hair and am considering a reinstall or even reverting to XP!

  oldbeefer2 12:56 10 Jan 2009

Have you tried running sfc /scannow? That has cleared a few problems on my Dell Vista laptop (without the hassle of a re-install).

  thms 13:00 10 Jan 2009

Could also be a memory problem.
If you have more than one stick installed try it with one stick only. Swapping them over to eliminate any faulty sticks or see here to run memory diagnostics click here

  sunnystaines 13:32 10 Jan 2009

I think minidump problems are registry errors try running a good free reg fixer like

WINASO click here


Eusing free reg cleaner click here

  thms 13:34 10 Jan 2009

Also try click here

  tigertop2 13:34 10 Jan 2009

Thanks both.

I am pretty sure it is not a Ram problem as it recognizes the 3 RAM sticks-and it did run perfectly on initial Vista installation.

I'll take look at sfc/scannow. Overall the start up 'hanging' and 'BSOD' seem a bit random. Occasionally it restarts itself after hanging and tells me it has recovered from a problem which appears to be related to the minidump -whatever that is. I may try a 'Restore' next. have already tried the Bios default setting and that does not cure it

  tigertop2 13:45 10 Jan 2009

I should add that it gets to the Windows 'loading bars' on screen and then I get the BSOD. This is followed by an automatic reboot and usually Vista opens OK. It has just done so, however occasionally the BSOD persists and the screen turns off . I am now getting the message up that 'Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown' and then lists the problem, 'BSOD' which I know then lists BC Code 50 and various BCP codes. Baffling!

  sunnystaines 14:45 10 Jan 2009

the bc50 errors [bug check codes] could be loose fitting hardware.

remove and reseat graphics card, sound card.

check monitor lead firmly set in fact check all leads and hardware firmly in place.

  tigertop2 14:55 10 Jan 2009

Thanks Sunnystaines,
That is certainly something I am going to do next.
Right now I am downloading an updated driver for the 8800GT GPU which is one of the 32 problems reported on! -but your advice is spot on and something I need to recheck again on. it is the first time in 6 PC builds I have ever encountered any real problems and I guess it is unfair to blame it on Vista-we shall see!


  tigertop2 16:13 10 Jan 2009

Having checked the innards for loose connections (none found), downloaded 34 system error corrections from Microsoft and a new driver from Nvidia graphics, run CCL cleaner and scanned on the security software it actually booted up properly for once. Rther than tempt fate I will switch it off and console myself for the moment with a glass of Gordon's cureall I'll post this as resolved for the moment-But thanks to all of you for the very helpful suggestions-Goodnight!

  tigertop2 22:51 12 Feb 2009

Just as a late follow on to end the story for this one . The problem kept re-occurring. I concluded that the mobo was faulty and sent it back to the supplier with 3 pages of test notes. They confirmed it was faulty and refunded me. I replaced the Gigabyte board with an Asus P6T . All seemed OK for a few days then the original fault came back. Now 2 new expensive boards with a boot up fault is too much of a coincidence. I used a Xilence LCD Power Tester given to me as a Xmas present to locate a serious fault in the 5v circuit of the 650W beQuiet PSU. Most unusual as this is a most reliable make. I replaced the PSU and all has since been perfect. I am posting this because there have been a few reports about boot problems in EX58 motherboards. I now reckon that checking Ex 58 mobo's PSU levels are mighty important as the faulty PSU works perfectly well in an AMD motherboard. I just wonder if the supplier tested the returned board or assumed it was faulty. The Xilence tester really was key to solving the problem for me.

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