Vista SP1 - Not Available Through Windows Update

  Blitzer 14:13 22 Mar 2008

Hello all,

I have already read a similar thread relating to this subject but I can't seem to find a reason why I cannot get SP1 for my Vista based laptop.

No trouble with updates normally, I have all the latest updates according to Windows Update, no hidden updates or any I have choosen not to install.

Girlfriend also has identical laptop to me although slightly older so I don't really see how SP1 not being offered to me is down to a driver issue as she was able to get SP1 with no problems. I have also looked for drivers but nothing would appear to be out of date.

I have also totally removed the trial version of Norton Internet Security that was pre-installed on the laptop, it was about to expire anyway and I was already planning to replace it with AVG and the Windows firewall. The problem still persists regardless.

I'm now starting to wonder if I'll need to return my laptop to it's original set-up, i.e. use the recovery disk and then re-install all my software and files. Either that or give the SP1 download package a try.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. ;-)

  brundle 14:51 22 Mar 2008

Have a read, may or may not help; click here

  ROYSTERO 14:59 22 Mar 2008

No suggestions I'm afraid, as I have exactly the same problem.Windows fully updated but no sign of SP1.I'm just going to wait and see what happens.

  Blitzer 15:33 22 Mar 2008

I only seem to find the same kind of info over and over, all seemingly pointing to me having an out-of-date driver. As I said though other half has exact same laptop as me, and if anything would have older drivers, making it seem less likely that it is actualy a driver issue.

I have been wondering if Microsoft have been only releasing the update gradually and at the moment it's not available, who knows with Microsoft? ;-)

Anyway, I've just downloaded the full SP1 package from tthe download centre, and will do a system backup before I give it a try.

  anskyber 16:05 22 Mar 2008

I set a restore point, took an image with Acronis and did the full install of SP1 from the download centre.

I fully realised I could have had a problematic driver so if it went pear shaped it was only me to blame.

SP1 went in without drama, about 40 mins altogether.

  Blitzer 17:02 22 Mar 2008

Yup, I just done pretty much the same thing using the backup software that came with my Acer laptop. Downloaded SP1 from tthe download centre and installed manually as it were all seems to be fine so far.

Seems almost as if Windows Update plays it safe either that or some of us have changed something on our systems without knowing it that causes the same problem. I did wonder if it has anything to do with using CCcleaner.

  hssutton 23:22 22 Mar 2008

I got the update on Thursday, went quite well, approx 45 mins to download and install

  legalrep 08:48 23 Mar 2008

I have 3 computers 2 HP laptops and an Evesham desktop I've not been offered SP1 on any of them! Which I'm quite happy about to be honest! i upgraded the desktop from XP pro to Vista ultimate and ended up buying a new laptop as the upgrade stuffed it up so badly with irratating little problems so judging by microsoft and vistas track record I hope I never see it!!!!!!

  Blitzer 09:03 23 Mar 2008

I quite like Vista as it goes, but like most things I think if you have problems with it it always puts you off. Sure Vista uses more resources and probably is not really any quicker but it is a nice enviroment (if it can be called that) to work with.

  zarobian 10:03 23 Mar 2008

Vista SP1 is now available through windows updat.


  zarobian 10:07 23 Mar 2008

Vista SP1 is now available through windows update.


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