vista sp1

  ross_mcculloch 10:26 03 Jan 2008

I'm looking to buy a new pc soon and was thinking about going for vista rather than xp. However I've heard nothing but bad things from vista users. When will vista sp1 be out and what difference is it likely to make? Should I just go for xp pro in my new machine?

  pchelper001 10:34 03 Jan 2008

vista sp1 is coming out in february i think, but it is mainly just the updates that have previously been released. It depends on what edition of vista you have. I would have either home premium or xp, but try to avoid home basic.
If you want an up to date os, then use vista.

  ventanas 11:19 03 Jan 2008

I've heard a lot of people saying bad things about Vista as well, and none of them have the slightest idea what they are talking about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. XP is history, good though it was. Vista leaves it standing in every area. I use it on three networked machines, and as long as you have sufficient power you should not have any problems. But take the advice given and don't get the basic version.
Do your homework and make sure that whatever you get has what it takes. CPU, memory, video etc...

  ross_mcculloch 11:25 03 Jan 2008

So go for vista premium then? What about the 'big brother' elements of it or are they nonsense?

  pchelper001 11:29 03 Jan 2008

what do you mean by big brother elements?

  ventanas 11:33 03 Jan 2008

I assume you mean User Account Control (UAC). It's never bothered me. Some see it as a nuisance and turn it off, but I haven't.

I don't know of any other "big brother" issues.
Validation is also part of XP.

  anskyber 11:35 03 Jan 2008

They're largely overplayed.

Like XP before it Vista will have some incompatibilities with old software and some older hardware may not have the drivers produced by the hardware manufacturers.

I agree with ventanas, Vista is very stable and makes XP look very clunky.

If you have any software which is essential to you needs post here and we may be able to advise. Likewise with any hardware, check your manufacturers sites for updated Vista drivers. I replaced some of my software but did so with free alternatives. I have used Vista since February 2007.

  pchelper001 11:38 03 Jan 2008

user access control can always be turned off, but wouldn't advise it, there is nothing wrong with vista, it is a lot better than xp and i wouldn't go back. i have had no problems with vista so far (fingers crossed).

  Pine Man 13:13 03 Jan 2008

Changed from XP to Vista nearly a year ago and never looked back.

  LANDCRUISER 13:24 03 Jan 2008

I endorce what has been said,i had no problem with it & i also use norton 360 with it & it works great,go for vista

  skidzy 16:20 03 Jan 2008

I have a few machines in my house all xp with the exception of one Vista machine..thats my baby Lol.

Yes Vista has a few issues,lets not deny this but as said mainly drivers and software.

Some very good comments above,but my favourite function of Vista is the search..its quick and pretty decisive and the snipping tool...this is a great addition to windows.

For example regarding the search facility;

Unless you have a multi media keyboard: its quicker sometimes to use search to find something than going through the

Start menu / run
Start menu / Documents / Pictures..etc

Also the windows switcher is a handy tool to have that xp didnt have.

Bootup is so much quicker,yes Vista takes a bit of time getting use to.But thats just a learning curve.

The one point i would stress upon that was made by ventanas... make sure you have the power to hand;

Decent cpu with at least 2GB of ram and a middle road or better graphics card.Do not cut corners on these...its just is not worth it.

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