Vista SP1

  fishface113 20:05 17 Dec 2007

I am lucky enough to have Vistas SP1. What a huge download and lengthy install. I have an honestly fast quad core computer and it still took 45 minutes to install the bugger!

The good news for Vista users everywhere is that it is simple, pain free and has caused no errors. With the size of it however, I am tempted to say that this is almost a complete relacement for the core components rather than a simple update!

I wonder how long it will take the low end machines with only 1 gig of ram and limited bandwidth.

It does seem more stable, or rather it feels smoother would be more accurate. Dont expect a speed boost though cos there aint one!

  Quiller. 20:17 17 Dec 2007

My installation of Vista's SP1 beta took less than 30 minutes to fully load it's 3 sections.

Thats with a lowley 1.8Ghz cpu and just 1Gig of ram.:))

All is well except for a few buggy glitches at start up.

  darrenrichie 14:15 18 Dec 2007

Unfortunately my installation froze on section 3 then spent alamost 3 hours installing it after the restart only to tell me that it hadn't succeeded and then proceeded to roll back for another 2 hours. I have 1gig ram and 3ghz processor so I am not impressed.
Have lef tit installing whilst I am at work to see if it succeeds this time.

i keep reading about people 'having no problems' what does sp1 actually do? what issues does is address exactly?

  anskyber 16:29 18 Dec 2007

thanks anskybar (i really must try harder)

  Forum Editor 16:41 18 Dec 2007

and I have had no major problerms with it. My computer now beeps at me when I click on certain things, and I got an error message about my Compaq computer's display colour configuration software when I first installed the Service pack, but that's all.

Bear in mind that the software you've got is only the Release Candidate version, it's not the finished article, and will be tweaked quite a bit before the final version is released for download early next year.

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