Vista SP1

  Gamer555 16:44 06 Nov 2007

Does anyone know when Microsoft are going to bring out SP1 for Vista?

I don't think they can bring it out soon enough!

  ventanas 16:47 06 Nov 2007

First half of next year I believe.

Why the urgency anyway? I don't seem to have any problems with it, everything works fine.

  anskyber 16:51 06 Nov 2007


  Probabilitydrive 18:25 06 Nov 2007

...and it will be an Anti-climax, if whstle and bells were expected...

  mrwoowoo 19:06 06 Nov 2007

Perhaps the clue is in his forum name.
Vista is still not cutting the mustard on the top end gaming side of things.

  Jimmy14 20:42 06 Nov 2007

There are so many mainstream problems with Vista that most people know about.

  ventanas 21:22 06 Nov 2007

Kindly enlighten me will you. I'm running Vista on three machines, and have absolutely no problems whatsoever. And believe me, if there were problems I would know about them.

  sinbads 21:54 06 Nov 2007
  ventanas 22:31 06 Nov 2007

I don't see that link as identifying problems. It merely highlights issues caused by underpowered machines and out of date software. Get a decent machine and you should not have any issues. All my many, many programs, and all my existing hardware are working quite happily.
Vista only causes problems for those who don't know how to use it properly. Do some serious reading first and the "problems" will disappear.

  sinbads 23:41 06 Nov 2007

Others may disagree with you ;but like the article concludes "The interesting articles will be written at the one-year mark. See you then."

  Forum Editor 00:05 07 Nov 2007

I have Vista running on six machines in my office and on four at home. Not once has anything untoward happened on any of these computers since Vista was installed, and I certainly have no experience of the "so many mainstream problems that most people know about".

Maybe you can tell me what they are?

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