Vista SP Problems

  Pine Man 16:16 19 Mar 2008

I note that the thread about the arrival of SP1 has been ticked so I'll start one for installation problems.

Update doesn't give me the SP1 file yet so I downloaded the full version.

Said it would take about an hour but it took 20 minutes and failed. Read the instructions again and re-installed it and it still took about 20 minutes but succeeded!!

Like took three or four times longer to boot up and then whatever I tried caused the PC to freeze.

Uninstall works great so that's what I have done and will try again with the Windows Update version when available.

How is everybody else getting on? Any surefire hints or tips?

  beynac 16:38 19 Mar 2008

This may explain why you had a problem: click here

As you say, I think that it is best to wait until Windows Update makes it available to you.

IMHO, the most important tip is to shut down all programs before installing the service pack, especially antivirus and firewall. I have Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) and WinPatrol running. I left them running while I downloaded the update (through Windows Update) and then closed them before installing. After rebooting, KIS came up with a number of popups saying programs/files had been changed. I allowed all of these and everything seems to be working well.

  mooly 18:06 19 Mar 2008

Installed via Windows Update, took about 1Hour 40mins, all seems O.K. apart from boot times. I use to reckon on about 3mins to fully load all applications and for everything to settle down, it now takes nearer 5mims 30sec. Not good! Defraged H.D. as SP1 seemed to cause a lot of fragmentation. Will see how it goes.

  Pine Man 18:27 19 Mar 2008

After downloading the file I disabled my router, switched off Windows Defender, SpywareBlaster and my Internet Security suite and I don't think any program was left running.

I then installed it and when it said it had been successful the first thing I noticed was an increase in boot time from about one minute to about 4 or 5 minutes.

The machine seemed to work at the start but everything I did prompted a warning from my security suite firewall, which I approved.

I then tried to delete an icon on the desktop and the 'magic' circle started and never stopped! I rebooted and whatever I tried to do caused the machine to freeze.

Following the uninstall everything is now as it was - thank goodness!

  tonyq 20:08 19 Mar 2008

Having downloaded and installed Vista SP1 by means of Windows Update I now have a horrible display
e.gclick here
anyone else had this problem

  Anti_Virus 12:13 20 Mar 2008

Like beynac and PineMan said: switch off all your firwalls; anti-virus; anti-spyware etc. programs. First time I tried to install SP1 via Windows Update, after Stage 3 of installing getting to 100% I got the message "Service Pack did not install. Reverting changes. Please do not turn off computer.". I was really stuck at that point - didn't know what to do. But I found on google someone mention about switching off firewall etc. so I did (I have Norton Internet Security 2008): I switched off everything in the Norton Protecttion Centre and hey presto SP1 installed fine via WU, and everything is running fine now. The only shame is that MS don't let you know there may be problems if you keep you anti virus and firewall enabled during installation. I would have also thought that MS and/or the vendors of the security programs would have made sure there'd be no conflict between SP1 installation and security programs. Oh well, what can you do?

  beynac 12:20 20 Mar 2008

Microsoft do tell you to close all open programs at the first installation screen. Most people (including me) normally just click on "Next". With a lot of installations, this wouldn't cause a problem. I agree that MS could be a bit more forceful in the case of a service pack. Maybe a separate message box would be more effective.

  aquatarkus 13:51 20 Mar 2008

Got SP1 for X64 Vista Ultimate via windows update last night
was a 121.5mb file took 3 mins to download (20mb virgin cable connection)and then about 20 mins to install with 1 reboot required, didn't notice much differance in boot times on the reboot but when i booted up again this morning took about 90seconds longer than normal (3 mins from pressing power button to fully loaded)so did a defrag of system drive and when finished rebooted, this time bootedup about 30 seconds faster than normal.
Can now at last copy files between external drives at the same speed as my 3 win xp machines.

  peter99co 15:44 20 Mar 2008

I find my WM player hanging intermittantly during use and have a thread started to secure help if available (this forum) The install of SP1 was normal. (no apparent problems) but has changed the drivers for USB and Video Card which was recent installation.

  Pine Man 15:54 20 Mar 2008

I have just re-checked the Microsoft site and it advises NOT to use the large SP1 file if you are only updating one machine. It suggests that the smaller SP1 available on Windows Update is more appropriate.

According to Windows Update my PC is up to date without SP1. Is there a site where the smaller SP1 is available for download?

  beynac 16:18 20 Mar 2008

See the link I posted earlier: click here

As I said, I would advise you to wait until Windows Update makes SP1 available to you. The link gives a number of reasons why you are not getting the update. It's possible one, or more, of your drivers need updating.

Do you get any Optional Updates when you check Windows Update? If so, the required driver(s) could be included.

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