Vista slow

  saskia7 11:25 11 Jul 2007

Please HELP is it me or is it the normal thing for the vista program to be quite slow. when i used Xp pro it seemed to be much quicker than vista. when finding programs and even connecting to the net. For instance a right mouse click in the task bar at the bottom right to connect to the net. i click it nothing happens fro about 10 seconds then i get the box up to choose my connection.the same with most other normal programs. it seems to take about 5 second longer than Xp pro. I was very excited about getting Vista but im sorry to say im rather diappointed with it. Maybe theres some window that i must go to to change a setting or some thing.
If any one can help me i would be very grateful. you can also email me if you wish. [email protected] Many thanks to you all.

  [email protected] 11:30 11 Jul 2007

can you post your system specs please, also it may be an idea to ask forum editor to remove your email address, unless you like spam.

  saskia7 12:03 11 Jul 2007

hi yes home edition 64 bit amd 64athlon with 2G of ram and 200 Gb hardirve,nvidia gforce 7600gs with 512mb hope this is what you need

  saskia7 12:57 11 Jul 2007

yes i too have 2gig of ram and according to the nifty little gadget that shows your processor activity and the ram activity the ram rarely goes above 48% so it has more than enough to deal with most programs.the same really with the processor too. but find it hard to understand why it takes so long to do things. Dont you think MS should fo sort all this out before launching it into the reatil abyss. The trouble is i would rather go back to using XP PRo and slinging the vista in the bin. Another pointer i found is my lan adaptor that is integrated with the M2N motherboard will not allow my to get windows updates. i followed various threads on this subject. and got fed up i put in my on Ethernet card. And what do you know i can get updates now. I really dont know why this should happen but im mystified.At the end of the day i could of just paid a few quid and upgraded instead of getting all this crap just becuase i wanted vista on my new pc. Anyone else feeling the same way??

  [email protected] 13:50 11 Jul 2007

i bought it when it came out on a similar set up, i have gone back to xp on my main pc due to games incompatibility and performance issues, have installed vista on a second pc all i can suggest is turn off aero, sidebar and uac and set the power settings to max, i found setting the cpu to min 65% max 100% helped a little.
have just noticed there's 7 updates from last night maybe they will help.
Still havnt found anything on vista i cant live without!

  saskia7 13:56 11 Jul 2007

Cheers for that, and thanks for all your comments

  domino12 18:04 19 Jul 2007

I had the same problem. I switched off all the auto-scans and background progs I didn't need. It now appears about the same speed as XP. Re-boot though takes ages.

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