Vista Shutting down

  Sam Gee 12:53 20 Sep 2008

Hi over the last few months download KB938371 has been failed to download now it has been accepted! This now allows all the other downloads to come including the Service Pack 1 Since I have updated my P.C keeps shutting down for no reason I am talking about 10 time a day.The pop up tells me its a unscheduled shut down then restarts and opens up,sometimes I get the Start up in the normal mode page.This as you can see makes the P.C. unusable for most of the time.I do not get any help from Microsoft( Nothing new here then) I agreed to let Microsoft "Spy" on my P.C. to help them with future updates,this was before all the trouble began!Daft or what? Regards.
Sam Gee

  chub_tor 18:32 20 Sep 2008

Tofind out what is causing your system to fail and restart you first need to disable the automatic restartin. You can do this by right clicking Computer, Properties, Advanced Settings, Startup and Recovery Settings and untick Automatically restart. You can then find the error in the .DMP file.

  Sam Gee 14:53 21 Sep 2008

Thanks for that How do I get the .DMP file to show by the way the tick on the next restart reverts to being shown.
Sam Gee

  chub_tor 19:16 21 Sep 2008

Control Panel, Classic View, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, Windows Logs, then search for the fault that has just happened. This will help you pinpoint why Windows shut down.

  Sam Gee 13:32 22 Sep 2008

Hi by far the log shows the fault to be Event 1101 Where do I go from here? Thanks for your help you have taken me int parts of my P.C I never new I had.
With Hope
Sam Gee

  chub_tor 16:51 22 Sep 2008

If you go back into the Event Viewer logs there should be some more detail about why Event 1101 is ocurring and you need to work out if that event happens when your computer is crashing. Look in the General Tab of the Event Viewer to see the details and then go to this website click here= and see if you can find by scrolling down what caused the Event. Then click on the Details of that webpage, Comments and Links and hopefully you will find comments from others indicating how they resolved their Event 1101 error. Googling Event 1101 is not super helpful, the Microsoft pages mostly say that this is not a fatal error and will go away.

  Sam Gee 08:15 23 Sep 2008

Hi,thanks for your help,most instructive.It made the fault an almost pleasure.
Regards,Sam Gee

  chub_tor 10:57 23 Sep 2008

So what was causing the shutdowns? You have me curious now.

  Sam Gee 16:44 23 Sep 2008

Well you have caught me out! I still do not know the only Warning I get is called ESENT It means nothing to me It was a case of if I get baffled I tend to keep looking and I feel a bit of a fool if I do not grasp the situation straight away.Please forgive a grey surfer ,Sorry.

  chub_tor 17:04 23 Sep 2008

From one old grey surfer called Sam to another grey surfer called Sam this click here may explain the ESENT errors.

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