Vista seems to be a dirty word for some vendors!!!

  josie mayhem 20:07 18 Sep 2006

Is anyone having trouble to get there Creative Lab card installed?

Have you tried there support or even there support forum?

If you haven't and you are having problems don't get your hopes up....

There last driver release was Aug 11th for Audigy cards and 7th july for the x-fi extreme, nither of these up dates support all functions, EAX, CMSS, if you can get the drivers to load then general in some application you can get 5.1/7.1 surround sound, but in pratice you really only get 2.1 :-(

But go to there forum and they have a Vista board, there is verious work arrounds that people have done to get some form of sound from there computers, and one hell of a lot of frustrated people as well...

But try asking when any new drivers might be released is almost more than your life is worth, if you are lucky you will get a turse reply from one of the forum moderators (repersenting CL) about not asking and we will know when they will know, the board is for the punters to discuss on and not for Creative Labs to provide support and the thread locked.... or they just delete the thread....

It took a lot of pleding even to get Creative Labs to set up the ability to feed back inforamtion to them concerning problems people where having and then it only includes top end cards....

They seem to be very disinterested when it concerns support of vista, and for a company that has a very large steak of the market when it comes to sound cards, they seem to be doing themselves very little justice.....

I wonder weather F.E could have some influance in pushing them forward a bit? After all he has in the past mananage to get information out of microsoft clearing some area of concerns or confusion.....

For Creative Lab for some strange reason Vista seems to be a dirty swear word!!


F.E if I over stepped the mark feel free to delete the thread...

  powerless 20:20 18 Sep 2006

I can get the RC1 drivers working here. I'm only on 2.1 at the mo but they seem to be OK.

But do remember they do not have to release any drivers if they don't want to, for an unsupported O/S.

  josie mayhem 21:39 18 Sep 2006

I know that they are not under any oblication to support Vista yet...

But to ignor your customers could be a danagerous thing... What a lot of people precieve now and how they are dealing with this O/S could effect the companies future profit...

It is most likley that big companies like Dell ect, will start shipping Vista before Joe public can get there hands on the O/S either full or up-grade version off the shelves, will these box shifter really build computers with Creative Sound cards knowing that the Drivers/software isn't ready? or will they choose a company that is ready and waiting?

Creative Lab may not be under any oblication to support us who decide to beta test, but our woes and data sure go a long way to enable them to get it right though...

So when a question is asked there isn't really any need to get snotty with us, I asked the moderators weather it would be possiable just to have a thread, which said we talked to the team today, but still know news! on a weekly bases, got locked straight in its tracks.... To me the reply given to why it had been locked was turse because they could even say 'sorry but we feel that'


I did phrase my question with 'Please could they' 'would it be possible to' ect... so asked in a polite way,

  Forum Editor 23:26 18 Sep 2006

when there's a new Windows version in the offing.

Bear in mind that it may not be possible for anyone at Creative to give you a defnitive answer about a driver release yet, because they probably don't know themselves. There may yet be changes in the Vista code which will affect drivers, and for that reason some manufacturers will be cagey about release dates.

It wouldn't be right for me to try to influence Creative in any way - they know that people want a Vista driver, and I'm sure they'll release one when it's ready.

  josie mayhem 23:56 18 Sep 2006

I think you better leg it over to their forum, to teach then how to reply....

You have given a constructive reply, that hasn't ignored the poster question, of which you do so often....

There is very little interaction between the CL mods/adim and when they do reply, it isn't anything like in the manner you reply.

But I think a lack of a feedback program was the biggest crux... We are all aware (or should I say that most of us) of the implications of using a beata, but what is the worth of testing if there is nothing to send you info to?

  Forum Editor 00:17 19 Sep 2006

There is a feedback facility. When you installed RC1 the installer should have put a feedback icon on your desktop - it's a blue Vista circle with a question mark inside.

  josie mayhem 08:15 19 Sep 2006

Yes I know, have used it, more so in the beta 2 release than this one....

I was really putting across a observation, not has such complaining...

But it would be nice to have a fully functioning driver set. As what function I have at the moemnt is of good quaility sound.

Creative should have something in the offering soon, because the beta drivers they've released are timed set (or what ever the phrase should be) the X-fi one time out in October and the Audigy ones time out in November...

  sunny staines 11:36 19 Sep 2006

i downloaded audigy 2 sound driver from creative labs yesterday it said it is beta and would expire in nov. i do not have 7.1 speakers but sound works ok & no problems shown in device manager since then.

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