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  olyman 09:44 14 Aug 2009

When I do a search from Vista's Start Window I get loads of hits which are completely unrelated to the search query. They are often image files or messenger discussions.
What is going on?

  mooly 19:31 14 Aug 2009

It's waiting for you to type more info in to narrow the search I think.
If you had say a text document called "pca advisor my forum discussion threads" and started entering "pca" it would bring anything up with pca, now add "threads" and it will search for anything with those two terms and so on. It's very good, enables you to find things that you can't quite remember what you called them.

  olyman 09:44 15 Aug 2009

You are right. I've been experimenting. My mistake was to leave out "...." on a phrase so that if I type spyware doctor without the "s I get messenger conversations with one or other of the two words in response.
I must be more careful.

There is still another irritation though. If you get a response with several options and click on the wrong one you have to start again. Is there a way to save the search temporarily?

  mooly 11:13 15 Aug 2009

Not that I know of. If you hover the cursor over the items that search brings up you get more detail, but other than that :)

  tullie 18:08 19 Aug 2009

Whats Vista Start window?Do you mean your home page,are you using google?

  mooly 18:56 19 Aug 2009

Olyman means the "window" that opens when you click the start orb. Begin typing in the search box (enabled and ready by default) and away you go.
It will bring up anything with the terms in that you type, documents, files , web addresses. As you keep adding more info the list gets smaller and smaller :)

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