Vista is rubbish!

  dth 00:34 31 Jan 2008

I know that Vista has its fair share of critics but is it just me or is creating a website like this a little over the top:-

click here

  mrwoowoo 00:57 31 Jan 2008

As a gamer i was a bit apprehensive about buying a vista pc but have had no trouble at all.
Am/have,played/playing,cod 4,timeshift,gears of war and kayne and lynch all on maximum settings.
If you buy a vista pc,as long as the system specs are high,you should have no trouble.

  Totally-braindead 01:16 31 Jan 2008

The guys a bit of an idiot don't you think.

For a start he says "I work in IT myself as an SQL developer. Recently in a presentation our IT director said that they would be leaving Vista well alone for the forseeable future. In other words she said the company won't be touching it with a bargepole."

He might work in IT, though I doubt it but where did the IT Director say in the wording above that she wouldn't touch it with a bargepole? Answer - she didn't.

It wouldn't be so bad but hes also slagging Microsoft for creating XP SP3. So he doesn't want them to support XP anymore either.

His advice at the end of the day as an IT expert?

Go to Linux. Well theres an idiot. Now I'm not slagging Linux but theres some things that Linux can't do. Games for example. I've no games that will run on Linux all require some version of Windows. Now admitadly if you don't play games Linux is an option but I wouldn't go so far as to say "You can do 100% of the things that you do on windows on Linux. " not true I'm afraid.

And his XP computer used to crash all the time he says. Well Mr IT if your XP crashed all the time and you're employed in IT you can't be very good at your job as mine hasn't crashed in a few years.

He has a Forum too. With 3 posts. Says it all really.

  anskyber 09:55 31 Jan 2008

I question the mental stability of people who campaign against something like an OS which they do not want.

  crosstrainer 16:20 31 Jan 2008

That although many people, some of my clients included, are dragging their feet at the prospect of going over... They will have to in the end.

I remember XP's release and the "foot dragging" was the same. Rolling out a new OS over a network is an upheavel for IT managers and staff alike, but if properly configured it's just a learning curve the way XP was. Most would be sensible to await SP1 and then take the plunge.

It's better to do so now, then make it a frantic "Oh no, XP support stops next month, and we have made no plans to upgrade"

  MAT ALAN 16:57 31 Jan 2008

Its just a fools advert for LINUX...

  dth 17:21 31 Jan 2008

Totally-braindead I did really like that:-

"if your XP p/c crashed all the time and you're employed in IT you can't be very good at your job"

  Forum Editor 17:58 31 Jan 2008

Your post sums it up really. Anyone who wastes time building a website with the sole purpose of attacking an operating system has to be several bricks short of a load.

Two of the navigation buttons don't even work.

One wonders why, if he hates Vista with such a passion, he says "I have a Windows Vista laptop, about 6 months old. It's not top of the range but it's 'Certified' for Vista. It runs Vista Home Premium."

  fishface113 20:03 31 Jan 2008

Just my opinion but if ya dont like it dont use it and dont whine about it. Sorry its just an opinion of mine, and frankly I like it, it aint perfect, but neither am I so we get on well together.

  anskyber 23:04 31 Jan 2008

I decided to have another look around the site and what do you know?

I am convinced I recognise the author, a past member here of several sign on names who had a fixation about Vista and claimed IT experience and knowledge.

My earlier post it seems is rather more accurate than I imagined.

  Forum Editor 07:03 01 Feb 2008

I think someone is just talking to himself there, and as you say, he's instantly recognisable.

Still, debate is healthy, as they say, and there's no harm in having opposing views, as long as you don't just rant into the void.

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