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hello, confused again, i bought a retails (not oem) vista home premium, it has been registered on 2 different motherboards and used on 3. as i understand it the program, ie home basic, premium and ultimate all use the same disc and its the key which unlocks the features (personnally i think this idea sucks an o/s should be an operating system imho)
anyway i have upgraded to ultimate with this set up, i recieved no email reciept it just told me to insert my disk and selct upgrade not custom. it looked to me as if it was re-installing home premium but i ended up with ultimate and all files intact.
when im happy with the operating system i shall be installing it on another motherboard (providing vienna doesnt scupper my plans)
so my two questions are, can i keep re-installing it? and will it still be ultimate on the new set up, ie is my disk now an ultimate one with the current product key?

  Totally-braindead 14:32 24 Jul 2007

You're confused? I'm very confused, I knew about the different versions being on each disk but how did you manage to install Ultimate using a Prmium code? I also think its against the rules to install it or more than one PC but I could be wrong, I thought the rules regarding installing it was the same as for XP. One copy of windows per computer.

hi bud, well it's a retail version, i first installed it and activated it on my compaq, took it off. installed it on a new pc i no longer have but didnt activate it however it recieved updates in the time i had it installed.
i then built a pc (new mobo) installed it on that (no activation) removed it after a day, installed xp pro.
you still there lol
built a second pc for vista, using original compaq nodus mobo (only pc vista was activated on) broke it!! (mobo) bought a new mobo installed vista and activated (by phone) no problems as the disc # is a retail one £228 so i think as long as its installed on 1 pc only i can cart it about... i think anyway!
the disc has something called anytime upgrade, you click it on the welcome screen, pay your money and it tells you to insert vista disc and click upgrade, 10 mins later pc reboots as ultimate and updates.
so now i havnt got a clue wether ultimate is on this pc, my disc, or my hdd.
i thought they would e mail me a new key but havnt recieved anything?
so you see it's quite simple really :/

  Ashrich 22:39 24 Jul 2007

I bet it has sent info to Microsoft with the new hardware profile , so moving it again might mean either persuading Microsoft to let you re-install it or they'll charge you again .....or maybe your Home Premium key is now registered as an Ultimate one on their servers , so you could use the same one again , you won't find out until you rebuild !!


hi ashley, sorry i ticked this as resolved in a fit of temper after a 40 minute mess around on the microsoft helpline, they wouldnt give me a straight answer so i guess i WILL have to wait and see.
why is it when you call m/s you explain all your details and questions and as you wait for a reply they give you a case number and pass you through to someone else and you have to go through it all again? they seem to think but were not over convincing that i would load home prem onto a new pc activate by phone, get updates, put disc back in and click update that should change to ultimate. i will let you know its probably a while away yet anyhow.

  Newuser38 10:22 25 Jul 2007

This Microsoft site seems to give the answers. It looks as though a seperate upgrade purchase has to be made for each new different PC. Sadly Windows Marketplace with its advantageous prices is still not available to us in UK click here

this year i have bought xp pro and vista home premium with an ultimate upgrade. i have to use vista on a second pc because 90% of my programs will not run properly. all i want is a straight answer from them. i am seriously concidering buying a mac, i mean xp has bugs and its own little ways, vista is, well vista and now there's a new one coming out? why dont they try to get one working well, one you dont have to bolt 3rd party programs all over, if i bought any other products or services and got this, i would demand my money back, but it all seems a little captive audience to me. thats nearly £500 on operating systems and i cant say i like any of them, maybe a mac would suit me better and stop my whinges!

  Pine Man 10:48 25 Jul 2007

'maybe a mac would suit me better and stop my whinges!'

We all have the choice but the majority seem 'prefer' Microsoft for some reason.

I have tried Mac and Linux and both are very good but certainly not perfect IMHO.

Technology changes so fast now and it appears that Microsoft react to customer demand by keeping abreast of that technology by developing new operating systems.

Maybe it's time for customers to vote with their feet?

thanks for the replies guys, and thanks for the link newuser38, it seems my ultimate licence is in my digital locker, still not sure if thats oem or retail. as i have upgraded a retail home premium i would hope this carries, time will tell!

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