Vista Remote Desktop problem

  Thomo1 14:46 07 Feb 2007


I remote desktop to my home machine from work:

Home machine: Vista Ultimate
Work machine: Xp Pro

All is fine and everything works great; however:

When i disconenct from the session and get home to the Vista machine, the machine is froze, and its in a frozen image of some strange screen saver (wavy lines in the shape of a distorted triangle) always in the top right hand corner of the screen, u cannot get back to the desktop and none of the keyboard buttons work (like memorising the keyboard sequence to shut the machine down)

The only way to reboot it is to hold the power button in for 4 secs and physically turn it off.

Anybody else heard of this or a similar problem, and is there anything that can be done to amend??

Thanks in advance.

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