Vista reduce restore disc space used

  Robbiecollie 09:22 13 Feb 2007

does any one know of a way to reduce the available h/d space allocated for restore points,having tried the following which does not work for me
VReducing the Allocated Space

To reduce the allocated space we need to use the Resize option in the form of:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /on=[here add the drive letter]: /For=[here add the drive letter]: /Maxsize=[here add the maximum size]

Let us assume that we wished to have a maximum size of 2GB from this particular partition/drive. The command line option would look something like this:

C:\Windows\system32>ssadmin resize shadowstorage /On=C: /For=C: /Maxsize=2GB

So to put this in to practice you proceed as follows:

1/ Click Start

2/ From the Start menu Click All programs followed by Accessories

3/ On the Accessories menu Right Click on the Command Prompt option

4/ From the drop Down menu that appears, click the Run as administrator option

5/ When the Command Prompt window opens type: vssadmin resize shadowstorage /on=[here add the drive letter]: /For=[here add the drive letter]: /Maxsize=[here add the maximum size] and Press Enter

6/ if all goes well you should see a message saying 'Successfully resized the shadow copy storage association

7/ Your System Restore shadow storage has now been resized

  anskyber 10:09 13 Feb 2007

Whilst useful it is worth remembering that the Vista System Restore is deliberately designed to allow for several restore points in fact it only deletes them after 136 years. (no joke) In terms of space requirements it will delete older points if the space is required so its self policing.

Warning for dual booters into XP on the same system. When you boot into XP the system wipes out all restore points created by Vista. the reason is XP does not recognise the new restore points format used by XP and assumes they are corrupt so deletes them.

  anskyber 10:10 13 Feb 2007

Does not recognise the new restore points created by Vista I meant to say.

  Howling Mad Murdock 18:35 17 Feb 2007

I wouldn't mind finding this out either. Theres no option like in XP to set the max size of system restore. I have an 80GB drive for vista and I've only 35GB of it left. Nearly 15GB is my windows folder and 20GB is my system volume information folder which includes the restore points. I only have Windows on my C drive, everything else is on my 2nd drive.

  Input Overload 19:26 17 Feb 2007

Howling Mad Murdock have you tried reducing the size of the partition Vista lives on? The partition size on which Vista resides on this Pc is 25 gig without problem.

  keverne 19:47 17 Feb 2007

Open registry editor and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore\CFG.
In the right-hand pane double-click the DiskPercent value and adjust it from the default 15.

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