Vista and REactivation

  HappyTrucker 10:10 30 Mar 2007

Hi all.

I did a quick search here and came up with a partial (or, to be precise, unwelcome) answer so I thought I'd throw this open to the wider knowledge base and see if anyone has any ideas on how amenable Microsoft may be. Yeah yeah, I know. The clue’s there really.

According to the info I found, the licensing has been tightened on Vista - once again stuffing the legitimate owner of the software while probably doing sod all about the determined illegal user...anyway I digress. The new licensing seems to be that if I pay out almost £300 for Ultimate than I can effectively reformat and reinstall at will - with the odd call to some nice bloke in Mumbai to release the activation. But if I pay out £500+ to build my own PC from scratch, and in the process buy an OEM version of the software, then I am locked into that piece of software to that specific PC.

What happens if due to some accident (blown PSU for example) my motherboard and CPU* get fried? I replace them, once again at considerable cost, only to find that my Vista install may say 'Excuse me my dear chap but I no longer seem to be installed on my original PC. Could you please call this number?'

No doubt I'd call and be told -quite correctly for the EULA I suppose- that since it's an OEM licence and the PC is now 'dead' then so is the licence for that copy of Vista. Now I'm a legit user and have no intention of installing on more than one machine at once but for some reason it seems that Microsoft have decided that this sort of activity is akin to piracy and have removed this option for, what I would assume, is a large number of users of the software (self builders, pre-installs etc) - especially at the current Vista pricing scale.

Anyway, onto my point (finally!!). Does anyone think that in a situation like this, once Microsoft have been called, that they would look at each situation and judge accordingly? Or is there something in the activation system itself that would physically prevent an OEM licence installation being reset and reinstalled?

There are already many hacks out there to disable activation - some of them look too scary for my liking - and I have no intention of using any of them (although the supposedly EULA acceptable resetting of the 30 days evaluation period is interesting). I only ever intend to install one copy of Vista on one PC at a time. Surely I should have the ability to upgrade / repair my PC system without losing the ability to actually use it?

Anyway, rant over I suppose. I was just wondering what the thoughts of the people here are on this. Am I being reasonable in thinking this, or because it’s OEM I/we should just suck it up and accept we’ve been stuffed again?

* I know that the new ‘hash’ puts more weight on the Hard Disk and Motherboard apparently but I haven’t yet seen anything that says exactly what you will be able to swap out/upgrade in a (OEM) Vista installation before triggering the ‘Box of Doom’

Be nice ;o)

  anskyber 10:36 30 Mar 2007

I think you have answered your own question. I have read of some, having replaced the mobo, who have been granted an extension by MS.

  HappyTrucker 10:37 30 Mar 2007

Good grief - there's people actually been in this postition already????? What are they doing to their PCs? I thought most of this would have been hypothetical at present.

  tonyjon 10:24 31 Mar 2007

I have an OEM copy of Vista Ultimate, have upgraded the original "box" three times (processor twice with new motherboard, processor only with new case, no problem getting activation by telling the truth to "Mumbai", the only refusal I got was on the automated system which finally said I had to purchase a new copy, I followed immediately on the 'phone and was immediately activated.

  HappyTrucker 10:36 31 Mar 2007


Thanks for that. It's almost weird to think they're actually employing common sense in these situations. Not something normally associated with Microsoft is it ? ;o)

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