Vista & RAID - worth bothering?

  hailbitterness 07:26 27 Feb 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of designing a new build PC, primarily aimed at file storage and photo editing (using Photoshop CS2).

My question is whether I should bother going with a RAID 5 array for the extra speed in file processing and whether anyone's experienced problems using Vista and RAID.

Hope you can help!

Thanks all.

  Coltch 08:36 27 Feb 2008

I used to have a RAID 0 (3 x 160GB WD's) set for the OS and the increase in speed for loading Vista was huge compared to a single disk.

The only problem I had was when one of the disks failed, so not really Vista's fault, also the only time I've had a WD Disk fail aswell.

I'm thinking of going RAID 5 myself soon so it would be interesting to see if anyone has experienced problems.

  Kemistri 21:14 27 Feb 2008

In short: yes.

As the name suggests, it's about redundancy. As soon as you have a disk failure in an array and just shrug your shoulders, order a new disk from your favourite supplier, and then carry on working, that's when you will be really glad that you use RAID.

I have never had a WD fail (yet...) but I have lost a few others, and not all in arrays unfortunately.

Imaging software is a possible alternative, but doesn't really cut it in comparison -- it's not entirely reliable (in my experience) and it really needs to be kept updated regularly or when you change your configuration substantially (eg. new software).

Regardless of what you do, it is still very wise to have some form of external backup regime in place, though. That can be fully automated, so there are few excuses for not doing it.

I can't envisage any issues with RAID and Vista beyond chipset driver compatibility (check first), but I don't use Vista anyway.

  hailbitterness 06:13 28 Feb 2008

Cool - thanks for the help guys, I hadn't focused on the redundancy side of things, more on the speed increase.

Think RAID will definately be getting built in now!

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