Vista Problems - what problems

  mcut 12:20 13 Nov 2007

i am in no way seeking to start any kind of argument, or appear smug. my knowledge of computers is very average, but

is it just me who has not had a single problem with Windows Vista. there are a lot of dissatisfied people out there. i bought a laptop with Windows Media Centre and did a "clean" install of a Vista Home Premium update from HP (the only problem i actually did have, HP getting round to delivering it some 2 months after Vista's launch). i have not had a single error message. granted i have not got a great deal of peripherals that required non existent drivers. I just thought i would start a thread to see if anyone else has had as much luck and actually got a Vista computer that actually seems to work without problems. Sorry!

  Totally-braindead 12:42 13 Nov 2007

Not wanting to be obvious here but the Forum is for people who have had problems and as such anyone that does post here will have had some sort of bother. If you don't have a problem with anything then of course theres no point in posting.

It would be interesting to see, and perhaps PCA could do this in the Poll as to how many have had problems, though the Poll might not give a true figure as you can't make people vote.

  mcut 12:48 13 Nov 2007

i appreciate that forum is for problems, hence starting my message the way i did. if a forum administrator thinks my post should go somewhere else then please feel free to move it.

Thank you for your comments Totally-Braindead, It would be interesting to see number of people who have NOT experienced problems as i imagine the number who have would be astronomical.

  Pine Man 13:53 13 Nov 2007

I appreciate your motives, and I support your view of Vista BUT a similar post appeared about a month or so back and all that happens is that you get all of the old arguments dragged up from those who think Vista is a pile of poo and those that don't - and neither camp will be converted;-)

  J B 16:02 13 Nov 2007

Just to buck the current trend, I have to say that I haven't had any problem with Vista, although it came pre-installed. No argument from me. Some people like it others don't and I am one who does. J.B.

  anskyber 19:00 13 Nov 2007

No problems here.

  ventanas 21:28 13 Nov 2007

Same here. I would never go back to XP now, although I'm stuck with it at work.

  Demora 22:49 13 Nov 2007

If this post is in the wrong place. I for one don't mind.

I'm pleased for anyone who hasn't had a problem with 'vista' I wish I knew the success secrets.

I've had more teething troubles with this O/S than windowsME which was the os of the devil. Vista looks good and operates great but not for me.


  SteveWH 23:10 13 Nov 2007

I think we have got so used to the idea of just sitting at a machine and it working that we have forgotten just how complex a PC and all the software that runs it really is.

I have been amazed at what is now possible compared to Windows 3.1. Not to mention the almost infinite hardware configurations any Windows OS has to run on.

Vista has worked very well for me I think preinstalled 2 Gig of ram and a decent graphics card have made this possible.

I am pretty unimpressed by the latest version of OSX which I am also running.

  Jake_027 10:19 14 Nov 2007

Like you, I did clean install from an upgrade disk (from the "free" upgrade program) I installed Vista back in april and initally I wasn't that keen on it, despite the fact all my software worked on it! However, a couple of months later and I had got used to the new interface, and now using the computer downstairs with XP on seems like a backward step :). I've only had a couple of problems, one with Media centre crahing and one with group policy disabling system restore (even though I run vista home premium!). The latest updates seem to have cured media centre, and any other problems I've had have been fixed with a quick google search. I even found advice on how to make a program that wouldn't work on vista run, just by importing a couple of .dll files. I have to say I'm a converted vista (and office 2007) user and now using any other OS feels quite different! I also don't understand the RAM claims. I run a laptop with intergrated gfx, a core 2 duo T5500 and now 2gb of RAM, but it has had 1GB for most of the year and upping this has only affected program start times by around 1 second and has made no difference to startup times whatsoever. The only thing that slows computers down is all the programs that try and put icons in the notification area at startup, and having disabled all these, Vista runs really fast. I have to say that it even runs faster than when I had XP on the laptop (and I disabled most of the startup icons on XP too).

  ened 18:54 14 Nov 2007

"initally I wasn't that keen on it"

I have just installed it on a brand new machine and came to this department because I wished to see what kind of problems people have been having and (more importantly) how they have been resolved.

I must admit that although everything is working okay it is a bit strange and takes a bit of getting used to.

The one thing that has disappointed me is that Adobe Photoshop Elements IV is not compatible.

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