Vista and problems with ISP's

  Ancient Learner 16:13 30 Mar 2007

I have just received the following Email from Tiscali -
Important: Windows Vista and your Tiscali service

Microsoft have launched a new operating system called Windows Vista. If you are thinking of upgrading your system to Vista, please read the important information below.

The introduction of Windows Vista has caused some problems throughout the industry. These are due due to incompatibility issues with other software. If you are upgrading to Vista there are scenarios where you may experience problems, such as being unable to connect to the Internet. This is due to incompatibility issues with your existing modem software and Vista.

Most other ISPs are experiencing the same difficulties, and Tiscali is working hard (along with our modem supplier) to ensure full compatibility with Vista. We expect to have a complete solution in the next few weeks. We suggest you wait until this is ready before purchasing Vista.

Yet again we are dropped in it it seems by inept programmers of software ignoring problems which surely must have surfaced during the Beta and other tests which they say took place before the launch.

  ventanas 16:34 30 Mar 2007

Absolutely disgraceful. Vista has been available for testing for i don't know how long, and must have been completely ignored by the morons at Tiscali. I've had similar nonsense given to me by Orange, but their hardware does work without any problem.

My guess is that these idiots have simply been waiting to see if it works, instead of using the Vista betas to test their hardware etc., as you say.

From your quote it would appear that no-one at Tiscali was aware that Vista was to be released.
People should put off upgrading their system because their ISP is a waste of space. don't think so.
Time for users to vote with their feet I think.

  Kate B 16:37 30 Mar 2007

The thing that's so disappointing is that most people won't realise they need to blame the ISPs and the modem vendors, not Microsoft. A friend of mine made that mistake on his blog recently click here - I gave him a mild kicking about it. I think he finally got the point *rolls eyes*

  anskyber 16:43 30 Mar 2007

Exactly, for a major ISP like Tiscali to not consider the issue is nothing short of ineptitude. The quote from Ancient Learner reads as if Tiscali and their modem suppliers have been "ambushed" by MS who just so happen to have launched a new OS without any warning whatsoever.

  anskyber 11:11 31 Mar 2007

Is yours a Sagem? click here

  dth 12:14 31 Mar 2007

I can't really understand this thread? Why won't the modems automatically work with Vista or are we talking about the cornflake freebie modems that ISP used to provide?

  anskyber 16:15 31 Mar 2007

Yes it is mostly as you describe, it generally concerns connections made via USB which require drivers.

  Totally-braindead 16:22 31 Mar 2007

I've been told by Tiscali that my Sagem one will not work with Vista but a Speedtouch will. so they sent me a Speedtouch. The latest from them is the Speedtouch won't work but the Sagem will.

It defys belief, they even had webpages that completely contradict themselves. So I have 3 modems 2 external USB ones and an internal one I bought myself and have no idea if any of them will work.

Well done Tiscali your service is living it to its reputation.

  Forum Editor 16:59 31 Mar 2007

of its development - right from the first Longhorn beta and on through the various versions until finally I'm running the full release version. During the whole of that time I didn't encounter a single problem with my BT broadband connection.

I confess I haven't heard anything that leads me to believe Tiscali's assertion that "Most other ISPs are experiencing the same difficulties", although I'm prepared to be proved wrong.

No matter - for a major ISP to recommend that consumers "wait until this (their solution) is ready before purchasing Vista" is a total disgrace. It's like BP saying 'don't buy a Ford until we get our petrol formula right'.

  Ancient Learner 17:18 31 Mar 2007

My son had to test out Vista to make sure that his software that he has designed and has sold for years, will work and it does. He is only a 2 man operation, surely if he can do it, an ISP with all its vast resources should have no problems at all.

  Newuser38 17:34 31 Mar 2007

Tiscali have information 'Vista Info' on their home site click here which gives information on how to get new drivers for Sagem and Speedtouch. Seems this may be part of the answer. I understand in general Routers with built in modems work ok.

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