Vista Problem driving me mad !!!

  madmartyr 00:20 15 Sep 2007

Ok, I will explain the best I can....

I don't know if everyones Vista PC does this or just mine. Every 1 to 2 seconds my pc is accessing the harddrive and the noise(like a ticking) is driving me mad.

Even without using the PC this noise is constant, every 1 to 2 seconds. Something is accessing the hardrive.

I thought it was my AVAST Anti-Virus so unistalled that - still happens
Disabled Windows Defender - still happens

Resource Monitor is showing something is accessing the Hardrive.

Anyone else getting this problem ??? any ideas ???

  Forum Editor 08:37 15 Sep 2007

Have you installed any new software at all?

Does the ticking continue if you disconnect the computer from the internet?

  gudgulf 10:09 15 Sep 2007

Have you opened up the disc section of the Resource Monitor.

It should list all the applications reading/writing to the disc with the highest activity items at the top of the list.Look at the Image and File columns for each entry.

Frequent culprits are Superfetch,System Restore/Shadow copy and Widows Indexing services.

  crosstrainer 11:24 15 Sep 2007

Superfetch is the likely culprit here I think, One trick I have found even in high end systems, is to wait until disk activity stops after boot up (even on my top end self-build it's coffee time) this seems to give the system time to settlt, then all is well. I have it on some authority that SP1 will address this issue.

  gudgulf 12:06 15 Sep 2007

"One trick I have found even in high end systems, is to wait until disk activity stops after boot up "

Funnily enough I do exactly the same thing myself,lol.

  madmartyr 12:17 15 Sep 2007

Ok, I have opened the task manger and I have only 3 things using the cpu everything else is showing zero.

System Idle P is using 96 to 97 on the CPU constant.
Taskmgr.exe is using 3 to 4 on the cpu
csrss.exe is using 01 on the cpu

Any Ideas ???

  Totally-braindead 12:35 15 Sep 2007

Not seeking to create an arguement FE but I did notice when I was trying Vista that the hard drive did seem to work away quite a bit even when not used. I thought, perhaps wrongly that it was windows itself doing its housework such as defragging etc. Was I wrong? I thought that at times the system was idle windows itself did stuff.
It didn't really bother me as my 2 drives are reasonably quiet and are down next to the floor out of immediate earshot.

  pk46 14:57 15 Sep 2007

I have noticed this on older computers as i have two one 5 years old the other 3 years old this doesn't seem to happen on my new computer that came with Vista on one of my older computers i changed the graphic card to one that will work with Vista it was a Radeon X1550 AGP interface.

turn on all cores pre boot, get 3/4 gb ram, minimise page file and you will get very occasional hdd activity, i think i get more on xp pc now.

  darrenrichie 12:22 20 Sep 2007

I had this and mine stopped when i disabled Defender and Indexing service.

  interzone55 12:52 20 Sep 2007

Vista superfetch will access the hard drive quite frequently for a while, then stop.

Windows Indexing Service will access the drive during periods of inactivity, as will Defrag.

I found that after a couple of months Superfetch hardly accesses my drive at all.

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