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  User-5763D1E4-DE5E-433C-85EC891E62E33CA4 12:57 11 Feb 2007

I investigated the German price of Vista from, it is as follows:-

Vista Home Premium Upgrade €198.95=£132.63 equivalent
Vista Ultimate Upgrade €328.95=£219.30 equivalent
Vista Basic €128.95=£85.97 equivalent

This appears to be quite a difference to the UK price. Surely there is more work done on conversion to the German edition than UK.

How far different is the German edition?

  pk46 13:26 11 Feb 2007

I bought my Vista home basic OEM version for £46
click here.
as long as you buy IE a USB cable or a mouse or anything for your PC they will let you buy the Vista OEM version.

  Totally-braindead 19:29 11 Feb 2007

shing I suggest you look at the likes of Novatech for typical prices, I did out of curiosity and there is little difference.
Premium upgrade £139.82
Ultimate upgrade £233.82
Basic Full £86.95

  Forum Editor 20:48 11 Feb 2007

The OEM version must only be installed on a brand new computer, and the license dies with the computer. You can't legally install an OEM version on a machine that has had a previous operating system installed, or on a second machine, once the original has 'died'.

  Strawballs 22:11 11 Feb 2007

If you look carefully at the Novatech website they say the same as FE has said.

Please note this software will install, register and validate properly with Microsoft. As this is an OEM license Microsoft will only consider the license to be valid if the following terms have been adhered to:-

This package must only be distributed with a fully assembled computer.
This license is only valid if installed on the hard disk drive of the fully assembled computer.
Microsoft will not provide direct support for this product.

  pk46 23:18 11 Feb 2007

Thanks for info this was a rebuild IE new MOBO was installed.

Some of the replies are missing the point of Microsoft's OFFICIAL price. Like Peter Thomas in his article I am interested in the OFFICIAL price make up in other Countries of the EU with comparison to the UK and USA.

How is the extra cost over and above the currency exchange price made up? Microsoft must come clean.

The cheaper price possible is irrelevant to the OFFICIAL price make up argument.

  Totally-braindead 11:31 12 Feb 2007

shing its fairly simple. Microsoft have no justification for the difference in price between the UK and the US because there isn't one, or at least not one that makes any sense.
Its just they are charging us more because they believe that they can get away with charging us more.

  PurplePenny 22:25 12 Feb 2007

I read a US article recently in which the author complained that Vista was much too expensive. I emailed him to say "If you think you're paying a lot take a look at our prices....". He hasn't replied yet!

  badvoc 15:08 14 Feb 2007

I don't in anyway condone the over pricng for the UK but it has partly to do, not soley i admit, with the size of the market. I know it shouldn't but alot of companies do it. The more you buy the cheaper it gets or the more people you can sell to the cheaper you can sell it. Please note I did say this isn't the only reason, there is the lining of the fat cats pockets as they realise they can rip us off.

The issue here, I believe, is can we buy it from abraod and use it with out issues? If they are going to rip us off then lets not buy it at inflated prices if we have a choice. I had seen an article that says US versions are the same as UK versions. When you install and operating system it defaults to US anyway so its somewhat suggests that they are the same.

  STREETWORK 15:25 14 Feb 2007

Microsoft have been asked by several media reporters to justify the UK pricing of Vista. They have yet to do so, apart from the obvious, 'we do not set the price' excuse...

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