Vista or Windows XP

  The Brigadier 17:22 12 Nov 2006

So do i wait to get my new pc with vista on it or buy one now with xp pro on it? Any views or advice.

  Totally-braindead 17:30 12 Nov 2006

You pay your money and take your chance. Personally I would stick with XP until Vista has been out a bit and the problems are solved. There will be problems, creating a new operating system is a massive undertaking and some programs may not run properly as well as some items of hardware not having drivers yet. To be fair to Microsoft its not possible for them to test it works with every bit of software out there are theres just too many variables.

It would in my opinion, if you plan to get Vista, be sensible to buy a PC that was offering a free Vista upgrade as a lot of the manufacturers are doing.

  Forum Editor 17:31 12 Nov 2006

If you wait you'll get Vista preinstalled. If you buy now you'll get a voucher for a discounted Vista upgrade. It depends on how quickly you want to have the new machine.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:10 19 Nov 2006

will also be release on a single DVD which will include all versions you can upgrade in the future when you desire but will have to purchase a ID key via MS.

Personally like Totally-braindead says, I would wait a year before going the vista route, like when XP first came out the problems were bad and until SP2 things only got better then

  Forum Editor 00:24 20 Nov 2006

I can't agree with your opinion that when Windows XP first came out "the problems were bad".

It certainly wasn't my experience, or that of many of my clients. All new operating systems have teething problems associated with them - usually driver and software compatibility oriented. Microsoft seems to be getting much better at running beta cycles however, and during the time I spent beta-testing Longhorn/Vista I was impressed with the way the developers were jumping many of the hurdles before the beta users encountered them.

There'll be driver issues with Vista, but I think they'll be few and far between. Manufacturers may decide not to write new drivers for products which are at or near the end of their life-cycle, but that's hardly Microsoft's fault.

  Dinozzo 16:21 17 Dec 2006

Vista all the way

  anskyber 17:00 17 Dec 2006

How brave are you? Actually I'm not sure its a bravery issue, so close to Vista it's tempting to wait and get it preinstalled. There will be many who just get it that way and probably will think nothing of it.

The FE has hit the issue for me, drivers. If your other hardware is relatively new I think the risk is small. I ran the Vista upgrade advisor and the only issue for me was the Canon scanner I have. i contacted Canon who said it will work with Vista.

If playing safe is your wish (and why not) then getting a PC with XP now and the upgrade gives you the choice and gives you some time to think about it.

  Coltch 08:38 18 Dec 2006

I will be upgrading my system to Vista, but not straight away. I'm running RC2 and there are still some problems that need sorting (5.1 sound in games & WMP11).

The safest option is to buy a machine with XP on it now then upgrade to Vista when you are ready.

  tenplus1 14:04 19 Dec 2006

Get a pc just now with XP Pro installed and when you get home, run an update from the windows website and install this software:

Avast! (anti-virus)
Ad-Aware PE (spyware checker/remover)
Opera (web browser, better than IE)
Sygate (Firewall)

all above are free and do a fine job of protecting your XP system...

  Giggle n' Bits 00:16 30 Jan 2007

to compatibilty issues with first release of XP, I noticed tonight that Internet Explorer v7 has been removed from the windows updates for WinXP machines. Has it been removed becase of too many flaws/compatiblity issues with 3rd party devices & softwares. Take it internet explorer v7 is Vista release like Media player v11

I found when win 98SE or ME they release Ie6 and this didn't go down well at times only until xp release.

We will see in the next few days or weeks if vista is a misser or not

  wolfie3000 00:35 30 Jan 2007

Whats worrying me is if my games will work on vista,
I intend to buy it asap but i dont wont to install vista and then find my games dont work.

Is it possible after installing vista to roll back to XP?

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