vista OEM

  Stewart 08:21 19 May 2007

There are versions of vista on Ebay as OEM s for sale there any problems with these versions be here thanks Stewart

  Forum Editor 09:50 19 May 2007

Someone might be selling an unused OEM copy of Vista, which would be perfectly OK, but on the other hand you might be buying a used copy, and that would not be OK.

If in doubt, don't.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 19 May 2007

Bear in mind the proper prices Premium is £69.33 click here+ and Basic is £55.32 click here+ and thats just Novatechs prices.
The only reason I mention the pricing is some people sell things at more than the prices you can get from the shops and some idiots buy them. Obviously those that buy them don't realise the proper price.
Personally because of the licence problem, you'll only find out if theres a problem once you have it installed and try to register it, because of that I'm a bit wary.
Some of these people, and I've just had a look are selling Vista Home Basic OEM for £82.99 plus postage, mention that as it was on the first page, why on earth would anyone pay this and take a chance on the licence being used when you can buy it from the likes of Novatech for nearly £30 less. Doesn't figure.

  I. T. Mastermind 01:25 20 May 2007

just a question to those in the know, i've heard that if you buy the oem and want to change mobo/cpu that it won't reactivate, can anyone substatiate this claim? And if this is true does phoning microsoft and begging them to reactivate it work?

  Forum Editor 08:47 20 May 2007

The OEM licence terms limit the use of that version to the computer on which it was first installed. You may not use it on another computer, even if the first one no longer exists.

There's nothing to stop you from phoning the Microsoft activation desk and 'begging them' to allow a second activation, but don't get your hopes up.

  Totally-braindead 11:00 20 May 2007

I have done this myself. My brothers motherboard died and I replaced it with a different one and it failed validation, phoned Microsoft and explained the PC had died and this was the only replacement I could get as the other board CPU were no longer made and they reactivated it.

I have to point out that Microsoft do not have to do this, the licence for OEM means that its meant to die with the motherboard it is on - hence the lower price of OEM.

But they did reactivate it. I think they are more interested in catching illegal copies than they are in this sort of thing but as I said they did it for me but strictly speaking they did not have to reactivate it.

  terryf 16:59 20 May 2007

I had a hard drive fail and Msoft accepted this and allowed me to re-activate an OEM product

  terryf 16:59 20 May 2007

I had a hard drive fail and Msoft accepted this and allowed me to re-activate an OEM product

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