Vista now crashes on boot up

  skeletal 15:48 07 Apr 2007

Having had the difficulty installing Vista, I now have a new problem (several actually, but one at a time!).

I used it fairly well last night (one game crashed, but it ran afterwards), and rebooted several times. Today, it will not start during boot up; it crashes to a black screen, or the “moving lights” stop (the same problem I had during install).

I can always get it to do a safe start though. In safe start I use msconfig (that’s still there!); I have disabled pretty much everything (including all nvidia stuff). It still crashes.

There is nothing else starting so it is just Vista. Before I try to isolate the service (long job), have I missed anything; any ideas which service is broken?

My other big problem is that Vista does not recognise my network (but can use the router to get on to the internet). I intend to start a new thread on this, but only mention it here just in case anyone thinks it may be the cause of it not starting.

Computer: new Evesham; E6700, 8800GTX graphics, 2GB RAM; 150GB partition for Vista (dual boot to XP, thank goodness!).

I assume this is the fist beta version of Vista (sorry, I am getting really fed up with this!).


  anskyber 15:56 07 Apr 2007

Just be aware on a dual boot with Vista, XP will delete all restore points in Vista each time you go into XP.

Have you considered doing a Vista repair if you think you have isolated everything else?

  skeletal 16:13 07 Apr 2007

Anskyber: Thanks for that. I didn’t know XP would have any affect on Vista’s restore. I would have thought they would be totally separate (different partition etc); however, as all will realise, I know nothing about Vista yet! Also, as I’m having so many problems, I’ve nothing worth restoring anyway!

But to your other point: repairing Vista. That sounds a good idea. As ever, forgive my ignorance, but how do you do that?


  anskyber 16:15 07 Apr 2007

It's very similar to a fresh install apart from choosing repair at the right time. This sets it out. click here

  Kate B 16:24 07 Apr 2007

One thought - if you're disabling all the Nvidia stuff, do you have an Nvidia chipset on your motherboard? My network controller is Nvidia, so is it possible that you've thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak? By disabling all the Nvidia stuff you might also have disabled your network controller.

  skeletal 17:08 07 Apr 2007

Thanks again Anskyber. I’ll try that in a bit.

Kate B: I see what you mean, but my network problem, which I came across yesterday, was when everything was, supposedly, working. I have only gone into “disable mode” today because I can’t even boot up.

I think the various nVidia items were for the graphics card (a common source of failing to boot) so I just disabled them, without taking careful note of what they were.

If I’m lucky, perhaps repair will mend that as well! However, I’m half expecting it to crash during repair; in spite of what I’ve read about Vista, it seems very unstable to me (considering this was, in effect, a clean install on very new, and capable, hardware).


  skeletal 18:23 07 Apr 2007

This is what I got after startup repair:

Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.

Then there was a log:

Problem event name: Startup repairV2
Problem signature 1: External media
Problem signature 2: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
Problem signature 3: 3
Problem signature 4: 131074
Problem signature 5: NoRootCause
Problem signature 6: NoBootFailure
Problem signature 7: 0
Problem signature 8: 0
Problem signature 9: unknown
Problem signature 10: 1168
OS version: 6.0.6000.
LocaleID: 1033

Then another screen shows:
Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.
Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0x2

Can anyone make sense of this and suggest anything?



  Kate B 18:26 07 Apr 2007

Format and clean install? I would normally at this point suggest a bios flash, but you've got a new machine and you shouldn't have to.

  skeletal 20:08 07 Apr 2007

Hmm...yet another install! Yes, that has crossed my mind, but what about product activation? I assume that it won’t let me put the key in again.

Does anyone know?

I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it though; after all I have a week off this Easter and a week is usually the amount of time needed to install an OS isn’t it!!

Mind you, Mrs. Skeletal isn’t too happy about me being hunched over the computer with the grass being 10 foot tall!


  skeletal 10:51 08 Apr 2007

Update: Many hours later it looks like the service "Windows Media Centre Service Launcher" was clashing with another service (unknown). I have had several starts after disabling this service.

Once started, I have unistalled and re-obtained/re-installed all the Vista updates.

I then re-enabled the WMCSL service and had two successful restarts (but I need to turn the computer off for some time to mimic yesterday's problem).


  skeletal 13:10 10 Apr 2007

Update 2:

It’s crashing again! I have permanently disabled “Windows Media Centre Service Launcher” in Services and it had started OK for quite a few times, but no longer.

The problem now, is that it sometimes starts, so I don’t know whether it’s starting is due to my fiddling, or that it would have done anyway!


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