Newuser2459 09:04 06 Jun 2007

I have a dual boot system xp and vista, I have upgraded the memmory from 2gb to 4gb to give better performance for HD video editing, I now cannot boot into vista, but xp works ok and recognizes the new memory.
I can boot into vista in safe mode and see the new memmory (3.7gb), I have run the vista memory diagnostics prog and it is all ok.
Computer specs are -3.800 AMD 64X2 CPU
GIGABYTE ga-k8n-sli MB
Vista business
GE 6600 Video card
Any help would be appreciated.

  Pine Man 16:33 06 Jun 2007

Unfortunately this is well documented but you, like I, didn't find out until it was too late!

The most RAM that 32 bit Vista can take is 4GB but that total also has to include any other RAM in your system like a graphics card or sound card for example.

I have 4GB installed but Vista only recognises 3GB. I can, however, run Vista ok.

Usually the problem with Vista is the speed of the RAM, the slots it is put in and also that you should have matched pairs.

My mobo is an Asus and I got loads of info from their forum. I should check out Gigabytes forum if it exists.

Unfortunately it won't be easy but I wish you luck!

  crosstrainer 08:27 08 Jun 2007

I have an KNLI extreme mobo which does exactly the same thing... dropped done to 2gb of ram and all is well, as Pine Man says, this is a well known issue, I'd be inclined to remove the extra ram and go with's plenty for everything that is around these days.

  Probabilitydrive 10:26 08 Jun 2007

Just to back up/further the already comprehensive advice given click here
click here

  Newuser2459 11:21 08 Jun 2007

Thanks everybody, I have gone back to XP at least it starts with 3.25GB memory, I will wait and see what SP1 comes up with when it arrives.

  Ben 216 22:31 10 Jun 2007

What modules do you have in total?

Can you put 3GB in? It won't run dual channel, but it might make video editing a bit easier until you find a fix.

  Si_L 14:42 13 Jun 2007

That is really pathetic that Vista can only recognise up to 4gb, particularly as you need about 1/3 of that to get good usage from the operating system.

  Pine Man 14:51 13 Jun 2007

It's nothing to do with Vista specifically it is to do with 32 bit operating systems.

A 32-bit operating system can handle 232 bytes = 4,294,967,296 bytes = 4,096 MB of memory. But this is total memory. You need to subtract the amount of memory that is used by your video card and also by your BIOS. That means that you could be stuck with significantly less RAM than expected.

  Pine Man 14:55 13 Jun 2007

'handle 232 bytes' This should read 'handle (2 to the power of 32) bytes'.

  Si_L 15:37 13 Jun 2007

Ok thanks for explaining. Why are we not using 64 bit OS then?

  Pine Man 16:13 13 Jun 2007

Because a lot of 32 bit drivers will still not run on 64 bit systems.

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