Vista loads & hangs on a blank screen

  Newerfoundglory 19:55 31 Jan 2009

I'm having issues booting Vista.

I've been having various issues for some time, but lately the biggest issue has been my PC randomly shutting down

without notice. All I can assume is that this is possibly to do with overheating. Anyway, whilst this problem appears to have gone away, another has surfaced - something I've found referred to online as the Black Screen of Death...

When I load Vista, all appears as usual up to the stage where you have the green loading bar. After that, where the

Microsoft logo should appear and the screen burst into colour, all I get is a blank screen with only my cursor


From here, all I can do is...
a) Move the cursor
b) Restart my machine

It won't allow me ANY other interaction. No CTRL+ALT+DEL, no CTRL+SHIFT+ESC... No response to anything.

Safe mode is exactly the same. Start-Up Repair finds no errors, System Restore oddly says there are no restore points, and there are no problems with the computer memory.

One solution I came across suggested checking a registry value using command prompt - click here - This proved fruitless.

My machine didn't come with a copy of vista on a disk (it was pre-installed) so I can't re-install easily without

trying to get another, and obviously I'd rather not risk losing all the files I have, as they're not all backed-up.

My system is only around 4 months old and this is far from the first boot issue I've had with it, so as you'd guess

I'm not impressed by Vista (which has otherwise been a joy to use).

For reference, here are my specs:

Zoostorm G31 VP Series M7
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz
32-bit Windows Vista

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me!

  Newerfoundglory 20:00 31 Jan 2009

Sorry, should have mentioned, it's 32-bit Vista Home Premium.

  a member 09:41 01 Feb 2009

do you know anyone with a vista install disc, you could do a repair .
maybe a hardware problem also , graphic card maybe .
if its only 4 months old I would return it and get them to sort it .

  Newerfoundglory 13:33 01 Feb 2009

I've managed to get another Vista disk for Ultimate - not sure if that matters or not, but when I chose the repair option on the disk it found the current OS and then just gives me the same bloody System Recovery options that I get through the start-up!

With regards to sending it back, obviously I've done some slight modifications since I bought it (extra usb hubs, new sound card, wireless PCI card etc) and so I'm not sure where I stand on warranty issues...

Could the graphics card overheating cause this?

Thanks for your response.

  EARLR 16:44 02 Feb 2009

It was to do with USB.
Would not boot with some devices attached.
and had a problem with adding any USB devica Couldn't find driver.

Comp. was stolen before I could fix it.
Its someone else problem now.

New ACER Laptop works fine

Good Luck

  Newerfoundglory 17:39 02 Feb 2009

Whilst not resolving my problem, I found your story very entertaining - thanks! :-)

  Steven15 02:35 03 Feb 2009

I am duel booting on an iMac I had this problem with vista and it turned out that it wouldn't wake from hibernation.

I removed all usb devices and with a USB keyboard plugged directly into the PC I booted whilst pressing the option key (it may have been the control key) it then gave me the option of recovering from hibernation or loading the OS.

I don't know if this would work for you or indeed if its your problem.

Having got going I disables sleep mode.

  Newerfoundglory 23:12 03 Feb 2009

Unfortunately that isn't the same problem. Since I last posted, I reinstalled vista from a disk I borrowed, discovered my graphics rating was now 1.0 (my system rating had previously been 5.9) so I figured I was having problems with my graphics card.

After taking the CPU fan out to clean it (another issue a friend suggested could be responsible), and my god did it need it... I tried booting with just the on board graphics and the machine now won't even get as far as the black screen! I reinserted the graphics card and the same is happening :-(

All I can assume is that this is a hardware issue, and most likely down to the motherboard. Whether or not this is the reason I was getting the black screen is unclear, but either way I'm currently stuck with a rather expensive useless pile of crap.

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