staatsvista 18:34 20 Jul 2007

vista destop loading

I recently bought a hp with vist ultimate on it and it worked normal for about 2 weeks. Noe when i turn it on it props me to put in my password for my user account( like normal) after it says welcom it just goes to a black screen and never loads any of the desktop item. I have to hit control -alt-delete and open the task manager and after a little bit it loads the desktop. Can anyone explain this? and if so how do fix it, its really anoying to have to do this every time i turn it on!

  BurrWalnut 20:23 20 Jul 2007

Firstly check that explorer is starting up:-

Go to Start, Run, type regedit and press Enter. In the left pane navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

In the right pane, make sure there is a REG_SZ named Shell and it has a value of "explorer.exe" (no quotation marks). If it’s not there create it.

To be prudent create a system restore point before making any changes to the registry.

  staatsvista 23:10 20 Jul 2007

how do i create a restore point? i appologize for sounding retarded but i am finding it hard using vista after 5 years of xp

  Head hurts 05:50 21 Jul 2007

go to start button and type restore it will bring up the option to select it. vista has search boxes which are quite helpful and a lot of the programmes can be found by just typing part of the name. click system restore and it will give you the option to create a restore point under i think system protection at bottom of page.

  vikkicollins 17:24 17 Jan 2008

I'm having the same problem on my hp machine, though I'm running Vista Premium which has run sluggishly since purchase a few weeks ago until BSOD today - unfortunately BurrWalnut's suggestion has made no difference.

No disk came with the computer and when I queried (Comet) I was informed that this was HP policy - is this correct?

- they said that that all necessary files in the event of a total crash could be accessed from Drive D (Recovery).

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