Vista Licensing problem

  heartsfanno1 10:48 07 Apr 2008

Hi i've had my PC for about 6 months now but yesterday i got a message saying my Vista ultimate edition may be counterfeit. I went on to try and enter the product key again but it still says i need a new key. Is there a problem with Vista or my computer? and why would this happen 6 months after i buy it?

thanks for any help


  anskyber 11:08 07 Apr 2008

You could have a false report, it can happen.

If you are confident that your copy is a valid one either installed by you or a reputable manufacturer the simplest thing to do is ring Microsoft and explain things.

  heartsfanno1 12:13 07 Apr 2008

I'm hoping it is but what if it isnt? how much do you reckon it will cost for a new key? and if its too much to buy a new key just now will i be able to use my computer without any problems?


  MikeRNev 16:10 07 Apr 2008

Are you saying you had succesfully activated Vista but then about 6 months later it has given you this message? If so it must be an error, so you should have no worries with Microsoft, just ring them up. I have found them very helpful.

But if you fail to act Vista can go into limited functionality mode, unless of course this is some kind of joke/virus message you've received. In which case your only worry would be what that message might contain. Try a full anti-virus/spam/rootkit scan with latest updates.


  theDarkness 17:00 07 Apr 2008

where did you get this counterfeit message? Its very strange that entering your license would not work a second time if it did beforehand. If the system has to activate it over the internet the only thing i can think of is that if you have activated it once already, then for some reason the service is noting your second reg as using a different computer and not letting you through, which is ridiculous. ms way of stopping second hand selling of vista, lol. i think its more likely to be either an error on their part than a bad copy of vista so i would contact them as someone has mentioned to see what they say. If your copy of vista is legitimate do not waste your money by purchasing another key! straight from ms its prob close to the price of the op system, although im sure someone in here will be able to correct me on that

  heartsfanno1 10:53 08 Apr 2008

hi i bought the PC from a local computer shop with Vista already installed. Its been working fine and unpdating ok so the only thing i can think of is maybe the shop has been using the same key for different computers?

I've not had a chance to contact MS yet but will do tonight.


  t-stag 15:57 09 Apr 2008

I have a similar problem with Vista 30 day activation. I know the software is genuine it just won't accept the product key. Be interested in how you got on with MS.

XP was a lot less hassle!

  Forum Editor 17:56 09 Apr 2008

were you provided with the software DVD?

Is there a Vista licence sticker on the case?

Did you activate the software, or was that already done when you took possession of the machine?

  I am Spartacus 18:37 09 Apr 2008

This is a bit of a long read but might explain what is happening click here

  heartsfanno1 10:00 10 Apr 2008


it sounds like that's what happened to me with the skip validation for a few months.

There's no sticker on the case. It was a custom build PC so i assumed there wouldnt be one on it. I did recieve a Vista booklet though but i dont think i got a recovery disc.

  heartsfanno1 10:53 11 Apr 2008

Phoned MS and they said that my acitvation key has already been used!

On top of that the shop that i bought the PC out of hasnt been open so i'm not sure if its still trading.

Any suggestions what i can do now?


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