Vista, Lexmark Printer and Finepix F420!

  atsiv 17:52 23 Jul 2007

I am very disappointed to find that the 'Lexmark Imaging Studio' does not work with my new computer, which has Windows Vista. (My old compueter was Windows 2000). Lexmark have supplied printer drivers via their website, but cannot offer me the rest of the software. As a result, my photos don't print out the way I used to - borders are not equal. Also, I can't scan, fix photos, etc. the way I used to. I've been told to use Windows Photo Gallery, but I don't think this is as good. Also, I've got a Fuji Finepix F420, used to use Finepix Viewer on my old pc. I've got the CD which came with my Finepix F420, but it is cracked, so I can't load this onto my new computer either. Tried downloading software from the Fuji website, but didn't work. I'm really fed up that Lexmark don't want to help me, and I can't get through to Fuji! Can anyone help me?

  The Kestrel 22:44 23 Jul 2007

Here you go click here

  atsiv 17:09 24 Jul 2007

Hi The Kestrel. Thanks for the link. I've tried firstly downloading the USB drivers 'for M'soft Windows'. Message came up 'set up is for Windows XP. Confirm the OS of your PC and use proper set up'. Also tried Downloading Exif Launcher - for Windows.. Got a message saying 'ordinary trsnamission error. Check the installation destination and retry. Error no. 113'. My destination was C:\program files... I'm lost now! Don't know if you or anyone else can help me. Thanks.

  atsiv 17:14 24 Jul 2007

Sorry, Kestrel. Should have said, I tried installing for windows 2000 first, with a view to then downloading the Vista update.

  The Kestrel 19:00 24 Jul 2007

atsiv, If you go to the link I gave you and then choose the compatability link on the left hand side, you open a new window. This window shows compatability of all products with Vista. The F420 has a code *10 for vista. At the bottom of the page find *10 and there is a updater 'here' link which takes you to the upgrade downloads. Hope this helps.

  atsiv 21:26 24 Jul 2007

Kestrel, Thanks so much for your response. The problem is, these are all updates for Vista, assuming that you already have the original software on your pc. As per my oroginal thread, I had the software loaded onto my old pc (W 2000), bought a new computer (Vista). The CD which came with the F420 camera is cracked, so I can't load the original software onto my new computer in the first place, so have nothing to update. My main reason for wanting to install Finepix viewer was to organise and print my photos, as Lexmark (I have a Lexmark P6250 all in one) can't provide a full software update, just basic print driver so I can't use the Lexmark Imaging Studio which I did on my old pc, to crop, arrange photos, etc., etc. Could also scan, fax, copy, but now have to do all this via Windows Photo Gallery. I do appreciate your help so far; anything else you could suggest would be much appreciated, thanks.

  The Kestrel 19:00 26 Jul 2007

Why not contact Fuji, via their website, and explain about your cracked CD. If you are registered with them they might give you a free replacement or sell one at a reduced price.

  atsiv 19:51 30 Jul 2007

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I still have a problem... I've got a Lexmark P6250 all in one which worked perfectly with windows 2000. Since having a new Vista pc, Lexmark don't provide full drivers, just basic drivers. I previously used Lexmark Imaging Studio to print my digital photos. With my new computer, when I print our a 4X6" photo, I get uneven margins, i.e. bottom margin is wider. On print preview, the picture does not fill the frame. I've tried everything to get this right, with no avail. This was one of the reasons I wanted to reinstall Finepix Viewer, but this doesn't solve the problem anyway. I've tried Windows Photogallery, Picasa, Paint Shop, etc., the same thing happens. I've tried contacting Lexmark but they haven't been very helpful. I've posted my problem on other forums, and have received some feedback, which I appreciated, but nothing I've tried has resolved the problem.. any suggestions please? Thanks.

  Mollo 17:40 09 Aug 2007

atsiv - Re margins, Could it be that you have selected Photo Paper 4x6 "With tab"?

  atsiv 10:49 11 Aug 2007

Thanks for your suggestion Mollo. Unfortuantely, no it's not that. I've tried everything!

  Kate B 12:25 11 Aug 2007

Use the Vista printing wizard, which offers lots of options for output. Sometimes you just have to let old software go and move on, though I know change is annoying.

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