Vista install wont work

  skeletal 11:40 06 Apr 2007

Can anyone help please?

I have tried to install Vista from my “express” upgrade disc.

I created a new partition and installed Vista to it, without putting the product key in. This went OK until it went to the web to get some updates. It did so, installed the updates, then crashed. Rebooting made it work. It seemed OK as far as I can tell looking at a new operating system for 10 seconds!

I then started the “upgrade” from within Vista. This carried on for about 30 mins or so, but it then froze. I rebooted, but it froze again.

I then tried to boot into safe mode and got the message: “Windows cannot complete installation in safe mode. To continue installing Windows, restart the computer.”

I did, but it froze again.

When I say froze, I mean the screen is either totally black, or the “moving lights” Windows symbol stops moving, depending how it feels.

Totally lost; what am I supposed to do?

Computer is a new Evesham, E6700 with 8800GTX graphics card.


  HappyTrucker 12:00 06 Apr 2007

Nice card ;o)

Does your board have an onboard graphics option? Can you get inside and remove the 8800? Are you willing to? Others may have other ideas, but I had trouble too (see below).

I tried installing Vista Ultimate with my new card (Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB) in place and the install just wouldn't work. After leaving on 'Completing Installation' (on the odd occasion it got that far) for 14 hours (!!!) I took the card out, put my old one in and the install worked flawlessly in well under 30 minutes. I then put the new card in and it's been fine since.

I don't know whether it was a driver issue or a power drain (my card needed to be connected to the PSU) but the install was not for having it with the powerful card.

Your inital install, especially with onboard graphics, will not have the Aero interface etc but that should correct itself when you put the 8800 back in. Vista just makes the Aero Experience unavailable to select if your PC can't handle it.

  anskyber 12:02 06 Apr 2007

You are obviously trying the work around of a "clean install" from an upgrade disc. Does your partition have enough room for the second install?

Could you try the normal upgrade route by installing over the top of XP?

  skeletal 12:19 06 Apr 2007

Thanks for the thoughts.

Anskyber: I have150GB reserved for Vista so that’s more than enough, I hope! Yes I am doing the “clean install” because it should be easier (ha ha!) and as the computer is vital to me, and I suspect some software wont run under Vista (lots of Adobe things), I dare not risk an upgrade over XP.

Odd about the graphics card HappyTrucker. During install, it should not matter what card is in there as only the VGA base drivers are needed.

Also, I am puzzled because the first install actually worked (with the hiccup), if it was drivers, I would have thought I would have had the problem then. I’m not sure if I have onboard graphics (not really looked given the card I have...and yes it is nice, would be even better if it all worked!). It is an interesting thought though and given your experience (mad or not!) I will consider it if I can’t get any further.


  skeletal 12:54 06 Apr 2007


I tried again, this time selecting the option to restart from last known successful boot. It got much further…until the screen where its checks the computer’s performance where it hung again.

Another “normal” restart and it worked…I think. Although I told it not to get updates, it went ahead anyway (I read another post about Vista doing things you specifically told it not to) and it seems OK after yet another restart.

I also managed to install the Nvidia’s drivers OK.

But, how can I tell if I have gone back to the original install (so it will stop working in 30 days) or is it now properly installed?

There are also loads of things to learn obviously (I think I may be back!), but can anyone tell me where the system file “Explorer” is, I tried a search (including system files) and it could not find it.

Thanks again.


  skeletal 12:57 06 Apr 2007

ßeta: Sorry our posts crossed. That is a good tip (which I may have to do; see my recent post).

Can you tell me what an “elevated command prompt” is please? I now have about 10 minutes experience of Vista so I have gone back to “beginner” status!


  HappyTrucker 12:58 06 Apr 2007

(mad or not!) - yup, that's me. TBH mine may have been a power drain issue. Can't remember what my PSU is, but it's no more than 450W. HD & DVD running flat out for install, 2 additional HDs, and the graphics card pulling some power from the PSU too may have been too much. I tried 4 installs, every one of them failed, but never at the same point. Some went at the initial 'copying Windows files' stage. Others went right through to 'completing installation' before hanging.

All I did was change the card out and it worked. I agree that's unlikely to be drivers but I usually work on the theory that when you've exhausted all logical avenues, try the completely insane!!!

  HappyTrucker 13:03 06 Apr 2007

Explorer is in C:\Windows

Elevated Command Prompt I think is right click Command Prompt and Run As Administrator

  skeletal 13:18 06 Apr 2007

Ah...found Explorer...thanks. Ah...I also see I didn't set things up properly in the search boxes!!

I'd better go away and try to learn a bit more otherwise this entire forum will be answering my questions all over Easter!

If someone could just tell me how to find out if I'm likley to be thown out after the 30 days (see earlier question) I'd be grateful.

And yes, power supply issues can cause is often hard to determine whether a problem is hardware or software related. In my case, as the card has been fine for several months, I did not think it would be the PSU.



  HappyTrucker 13:28 06 Apr 2007

It IS possible to extend this 30 days grace period. Or at least it WAS. I haven't tried it myself, but it's supposed to be a legal workaround. I think it was put in for volume licences. There may be a limit (2 or 3 times) as to how many times you can use it (actually there's a workaround for that too, but I think that's straying into illegal use of the licence).

If you type slmgr.vbs in the search/run box a window will open with possible permutations - wait a few seconds though, it opens slow for some reason. Open an Elevated Command Prompt (again) and type:

slmgr.vbs -rearm

This will reset your 30 days grace period. Do it on day 29 and you can use Vista for up to 90 days without activating.

No doubt this will be deleted if it infringes any rules

  HappyTrucker 13:30 06 Apr 2007

Be very careful running the slmgr (software licence manager) since a bit like the registry, you can bugger up (a technical term) your installation/licencing of Vista

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