Vista Home to Windows 7 Professional

  Neill 15:33 26 Sep 2010

I should have checked if it was possible to upgrade but I now know it isn't. Why then did the W7 CD let me do a custom install?
Anyway I appear to be screwed now. PC boots up to Windows Boot Manager, I choose Windows 7, get the Windows Error Recovery screen, try all of the possible options fom Safe Mode to "open with command prompt". Result each time is the Windows coloured flag coming together then "Setup is starting services". PC then reboots and I'm back at the start again and around we go.
I'd be happy if I could somehow get to the Windows.old folder and get Visa back.
Any ideas either way? Thankfully I did a backup onto external hard drive. Thanks

  a member 17:57 26 Sep 2010

you cannot recover an operating system from a winmdows (OLD) folder this will contain your files from your previous OS but is only of use to recover vital files ,its not complete enough to recreate you old installation .
1 does your PC/LAPTOP have a recovery system (hidden partition ,and recovery disc .

2 set the bios to (boot from cd ) and rerun the disc ,in the process select recovery .

3 you could try to install vista ,exact same version from disc . if enough of your old install is present you may have a restore option come up .

  Neill 20:24 26 Sep 2010

I have found the Vista disk from Dell. Ran the recovery and it reinstalled Vista and all seemed ok. Restarted and it said it was installing Vista. Now it still boots up to Windows Boot Manager with 2 choices, Vista and Windows 7. But now when it tries to start Vista (I get the copyright Microsoft word at the bottom of the screen and the green horizontal bars but then the screen switches off and nothing happens. Tried the Safe mode (and a few others) but get the message about cannot finish installing in safe mode. Unfortunately I can't get it to read the CD again so I can try another option even though I have set the CD boot to the top of the list in the BIOS. Anyway I can get it to read the CD again? I must be getting closer! Thanks for your help.

  Jwbjnwolf 23:50 26 Oct 2010

Like you told me Merlinx, most new pcs have hidden partitions so if you ever need to you can do start up repair and it should find the invisible partition as what I call it.
He may of been able to of done this due to the fact that it was running vista which I assume was pre-installed as had no disk?

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