Vista Home Premium OEM versus retail

  Colin 20:18 04 Mar 2007

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I've done a search and I can’t find it.
Vista Home Premium OEM costs around £70, but the retail version is around £190.
I understand that the retail version has proper packaging and a manual, but I build my own PC’s and don’t need them. Is it OK for a private person to buy an OEM version? As far as I can tell there isn’t a catch, but it seems too good to be true.

  LinH 20:47 04 Mar 2007

Hi Colin,

The OEM version is really for system builders and comes without any whistles or bells. However, there is no catch, I bought an OEM version from Amazon for £67 and it (clean) installed without any problems whatsoever. The thing to remember is that an OEM is licenced for one machine only; in other words when the machine dies the licence dies with it. An OEM version cannot legally be transferred to another machine, unlike the full retail that can.


  Colin 21:04 04 Mar 2007

Thanks, LinH.

I'll go for OEM.

  vsmith 12:08 05 Mar 2007

Can anyone help please, I have Vista and the Vista 9VR installed, but when it tries to find a conection it comes back saying no connection found. The Linksys is installed correctly and the lights light up as they should but just cannot connect via AOL.

I am at a loss to know what to do next, If I go to AOL they want to tie me into a highter payment and a new 12 month contract.

Could it be i am not doing something right, do I need to buy a different ethernet modem?

any help at will be gratefull recieved

  Totally-braindead 15:27 05 Mar 2007

vsmith I would suggest you start your own thread.

  wizza68 22:12 05 Mar 2007

Hi there.

With OEM, I thought it had to be bought with a piece of hardware. Is this right?

If so what is the cheapest piece that would qualify? If I bought a mouse could I also get an OEM product? So the combined price would be much lower than the full version?

  Totally-braindead 22:22 05 Mar 2007

Some retailers will sell Windows OEM with a mouse but they are not meant to as far as I know. Look about the various websites and you'll see what they will allow you to get. You're meant to buy something like a hard drive or a motherboard or a processor, something thats an integral part of the computer not something like a mouse which is basically what they call a peripheral. And yes it is considerably cheaper.
It has to be installed on a new PC as well.
This may clear things up a bit for you click here

  vsmith 10:58 06 Mar 2007

I made a mistake postin here

  al7478 14:56 06 Mar 2007

didnt i read somewhere on this forum that an operating system is tied to the mobo, so that if you make a new pc, but using an old mobo, the os that was on the old mobo will not work, but if you got an oem os with, say, your new hard drive, thatd be ok?

  crosstrainer 15:10 06 Mar 2007

Not that gray an area really, if you were to come to me and buy a case, mobo, processor I would happily sell you a copy of Windows to go with it...building your own technically speaking makes you an oem...the tied to the mobo caveat applies to Vista, and it's true that if your mobo is changed, you would need a new copy of Windows...some online retailers used to do pacakages for self-build that included oem copies of the OS...might be worth checking out a few. click here comes to mind have a browse or give them a ring.

  al7478 15:12 06 Mar 2007

so you can use your existing xp oem on a new build but not vista, if you're changin the mobo?

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