Vista has RTM'd...?

  powerless 18:59 08 Nov 2006

click here

Man of two words.

  powerless 19:07 08 Nov 2006
  sunny staines 19:22 08 Nov 2006

never got a single bit a feedback for the faults I reported although not major, it has given me the seconds about buying till i know they are fixed.

  Forum Editor 19:37 08 Nov 2006

Be comforted by the thought that the faults you reported will have been reported by thousands of others - if not hundreds of thousands - and Microsoft can't possibly respond to every bit of feedback.

During the Vista beta cycle I reported many bugs and offered many suggestions for improvements. I didn't get much feedback from Microsoft (although I did get some right at the beginning, in the Longhorn days), nor did I expect it. What's satisfying is to see the results of your feedback reflected in the shrinkwrap version.

Can you imagine the parties that will be running in Redmond this week? Sixty thousand Microsoft development computers can take a rest for the first time in a couple of years.

  josie mayhem 22:36 08 Nov 2006

12 weeks and counting...

I've enjoyed beta testing it and have been using it has my main OS since RC1. I've been queit smitten with it...

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