Vista hangs for 2 mins with Microsoft logo and bar

  Andanotherthing 16:02 05 Jan 2009

I posted this on the general forum with some interesting responses but no solution.

My comp is delaying startup on Vista Home Premium at the Microsoft logo and loading bar stage -(ie before the users screen appears. This is new and seems to be the result of a Windows update.

I have established it is not start up programmes (too early?) nor the external hard drive, nor the logitech camera. Is anyone else experiencing this hang?

  Woolwell 23:01 05 Jan 2009

Infrequently I get delays before the user screen loads. The system is then usually very slow for quite a while. I have never pinned this down properly but suspect that the search indexer starts early and bogs down hard drive activity. I have yet to get around to turning off search indexer and see if that is the problem.

  squashman 01:03 08 Jan 2009

Hi Yes I'm getting it with ultimate as well, also I think after update, but not been able to pin it down.
Previously it seemed to eventually improve, maybe after new updates we may be lucky

  Kissabell 01:18 08 Jan 2009

I dont know how you can bear to stick with Vista with all its problems. But good for you boys for persevering. I couldnt bear to use it after a year, it was wearing me down and it took the fun out of computers completely so i went back to XP. My computing happiness returned after that.
And Oh, it wasnt slow, my pcs new and can handle pretty much everything being quad.I regret buying it and i doubt ill get discount off windows 7 no matter how unhappy i was with Vista ultimate.
We live and learn.

  BobDibley 08:20 08 Jan 2009

Have you tried going to 'Performance Information & Tools', then clicking on 'Advanced Tools'. If there are any performance issues with drivers (such as causing slow startup), they should be listed there under 'Performance Issues'.
This won't solve the problem but it may give you an idea of what is causing the slow boot up if it is not being caused by the recent update.

hope this helps

  Andanotherthing 11:25 08 Jan 2009

Thanks for the idea BobDibley - never been there before! There are critical warnings but they seem to be about probs once programmes are running. The hang is before even the Users window appears - are programmes loaded at that stage? Interesting to hear that Squashman has the same problem with Ultimate - how do we let Microsoft know!!

Kissabell - you are not alone in preferring XP - but the comp came with Vista -and apart from the *&%$ UAC it has not been too bad until now! Thanks all

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