Vista in French.

  allright 11:33 13 Jan 2008


Ok so this is driving me a little nuts. I am trying to find "The built-in Wireless support" within Vista it's all in French. The reason I need to find it is because I am trying to install the following

click here

The manual says I have to use the "The built-in Wireless support" to install the booster, but can I bloody find it, no!.........anyone got a clue??

  Ashrich 13:43 13 Jan 2008

From what I am reading , you don't install the utility ( for scanning for networks etc. ) but there is a USB driver to make the thing actually work , providing you are using a revision R1 unit .


  allright 13:48 13 Jan 2008

Thank you for taking the time,It's a V2 not a R1, hence the problems.........I think..

  Ashrich 22:06 13 Jan 2008

I read it as the fact that Vista has a built in wireless management system ( like WZC in XP ) so it only needs a driver ...have you tried plugging it in and see what Vista makes of it ? Our whole village uses Repeatit kit for our internet access ( South Oxfordshire/Bucks border ) and find it pretty good , I'd be surprised if they produced something that didn't work Ok if they say it does .


  Ashrich 22:20 13 Jan 2008

Ok , I've done a bit of quick homework here , and it seems that what they are saying , and I understand what you are also saying , is that you only install the driver for the USB booster client , and configure it using the Windows Vista built in client , that's easy's all in Network and Sharing Centre , all it means is that for XP and earlier it install the Atheros Client Utility , for scanning for Networks , Connections ect. , this can be easily done with XP and Vista . Install the adapter , then open Netowrk and Sharing , on the upper left you can manage wireless networks and the connections , it will work just like and ordinary USB dongle .


  Ashrich 22:38 13 Jan 2008

Meant to say , try using the Win2000 XP driver where it says about Vista .


  allright 11:06 14 Jan 2008

Hi Ashley, Thanks for all the above. We have finally managed to find an Atheros programme already installed in the computer. The Repeatit booster now shows up in the Manage Wireless Networks section, but not in Manage Connections, and so far we cannot see any way of actually connecting to it.
Also, we are having problems on our other computer which has Windows XP. Basically we installed it using the cd driver as per Repeatit's instructions, and all was fine until we then unplugged the booster. The connection then disappears completely and when the booster is plugged back in it doesn't reappear. Also, although when installed it did appear in My Computer/Hardware/Device Manager, once unplugged it disappeared from this too. So, don't know if you have any suggestions about this, too!
Thanks once more for all your help.

  allright 16:42 14 Jan 2008

Thank's We now have it sorted...........famous last word...Basicy the problem was with the drivers.

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