vista freezes on log in screen

  PhiltheFragger 21:50 07 Feb 2008

need some help guys
Dell inspiron 531, 6 months old Athlon dual core 1 gb ram Vista home premium.

on startup it freezes when the 2 user log ons appear.
Keyboard and mouse wont work.

same in safe mode.

changed keyboard and mouse, same
USB is on in the bios
Booted from Vista DVD into repair

tried system restore, failed, but keyboard and mouse worked ok during this.

Booted into the Dell utility partition and ran all the tests, passed everything.

I reckon the USB drivers are squiffed not allowing the keyboard and mouse to work
there is no PS2 sockets just usb

any ideas out there?

  brundle 21:57 07 Feb 2008

What happens if you disable USB entirely in BIOS, and disable the Halt On Error setting? I realise that means you'll not be able to type or select anything

  mrwoowoo 03:00 08 Feb 2008

If you have any other usb devices(printer/scanner etc) unplug them before restarting your pc.
Do you have a motherboard driver cd that you can use to reinstall the drivers from?

  PhiltheFragger 07:12 08 Feb 2008

I already disabled usb in bios. on restart I was able to use usb keyboard to re enter bios and re-enable usb, same result

The only things plugged in are power, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

As far as i know, the usb drivers are native to win xp sp2. any way, i cant get into windows to reinstall them

  PhiltheFragger 07:14 08 Feb 2008

just to recap

I can use the keyboard in bios and utility partition
and i can use the mouse and keyboard when booted from vista dvd.

cant use either in windows itself nor in safe mode

  Coltch 08:16 08 Feb 2008

I had a similar problem with RC1, Vista would get as far as the user selection screen and then the mouse & keyboard (both PS2 not USB) wouldn't work.

I know the keyboard and mouse worked because I could still use a Linux Live DVD & my XP partition.

In the end I just formated the drive and re-installed Vista - not much help to you but it seemed to be the only thing I could do to get Vista back up and running.

  PhiltheFragger 08:44 08 Feb 2008

I was looking at the available options and was coming to the same conclusion

Will transfer the hard drive into another pc to get the data off then start the reformat tonight

unless there are any more bright ideas out there

  User-1229748 12:30 08 Feb 2008

do you have too many programs or services starting at boot?

  PhiltheFragger 16:01 08 Feb 2008

Dunno, cant get into msconfig to check

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