Vista Forum Quiet?

  crosstrainer 13:20 10 Jul 2007

Has anyone noticed that this particular forum has been very quiet of late? Only 10 post's today, and very few over the weekend.

I wonder if this is a reflection of a lull in the uptake of the new os?

  Pine Man 14:08 10 Jul 2007

'I wonder if this is a reflection of a lull in the uptake of the new os?'

Not at all it's just that we are all 100% satisfied with our new, superfast, problem free, operating systems ;-)

  crosstrainer 14:29 10 Jul 2007

oh dear....looks like i'd better consider retiring then :)

  Probabilitydrive 14:32 10 Jul 2007

Being nannied by Vista prevents me from doing something stupid. I wait till I handed successfully handed the Vista-Nanny the penguin shaped umbrella and then the party (and desperate cries for help) starts in earnest. Expect frequent visits here....;-)

  Pine Man 14:43 10 Jul 2007

'oh dear....looks like i'd better consider retiring then :)'

I did retire so that I had the time to get my Vista running 100%, superfast and problem free. The remainder of my spare time is now spent trying to get my wife to function the same way!

  crosstrainer 15:11 10 Jul 2007

:) I reckon one more os will be enough for me...cottage in Snowdonia, music, books, maybe a nice dog to keep me company! (mind you I said that when XP was released!)

  Kate B 16:05 10 Jul 2007

I think it's time this forum was folded into the helproom, actually. Vista's not new any more, and Vista queries are cropping up over there.

  J B 16:13 10 Jul 2007

I guess th "Brilliant Windows Vista" book has something to do with it. I have one along with "Brilliant Office 2007". Both have helped me in a lot of ways except with trouble-shooting. These Forums are "Valuable" for that, along with a host of other things that are too numerous to mention. J.B.

  crosstrainer 16:56 10 Jul 2007

I think thats a good idea, a lot of people are now posting Vista related issues in the helproom. Perhaps we could have an "Old Operating Sytems" Forum?

  anskyber 17:03 10 Jul 2007

I tend to loiter here more than the Helproom. It is quiet and perhaps a reflection of the relative lack of problems. Many are "how to problems" rather than real "problems"

Looking at the Helproom I think there are probably as many Vista questions there as there are here. I like the idea of a Helproom in two parts one for hardware issues and the other for software/OS's.

  anskyber 17:10 10 Jul 2007

I should add that the relative lack of speed here helps the helpers.

A forum with too great a throughput, say the Helproom, can be difficult to keep pace with. I have spotted things were I may have helped but were on page 3 or 4 of the Helproom and it's not always possible to go through so many earlier threads each time I come to the Forum.

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