Is Vista fit for purpose?

  Flak999 18:53 16 Mar 2007

The reason I ask is that there do seem to be an awful lot of people with varying degrees of problems with the new OS.

I know all the arguments about it being new and that XP was the same when it was released, but with all the driver, software and hardware issues that this forum has thrown up would it not be better if people whose machines are "mission critical" waited for SP1?

I am keen to upgrade to Vista, but not if it is just going to prove a massive headache. I have held off from buying Vista because of the exorbitant UK price and also because I simply cannot afford for my machine to be trashed by the installation.

A friend is going to New York in June, and has offered to purchase a copy of Vista Ultimate for me whilst he is there. I will certainly take him up on this offer but will hold off the installation for a good while yet I think!

  Forum Editor 19:16 16 Mar 2007

I haven't personally encountered a single instance of a machine being "trashed by the (Vista) installation".

Anyone who installs a brand new operating system on a mission-critical machine without first backing everything up is frankly being a tad rash.

Vista is running on all my office machines now, and we haven't had any major problem. We had a few little driver-related niggles, but all is OK now.

  Totally-braindead 19:21 16 Mar 2007

Not a fan of Vista but I assume you use XP Flak999 and if so you don't remember when it came out and the huge problems people had.
The problems I have seen, so far, are mainly driver related and that is down to the hardware manufacturers not Microsoft.
When XP came out I waited for about a year before the move and wouldn't consider moving to Vista before that either.

  Flak999 19:29 16 Mar 2007

I am glad that you have been fortunate with your experience of Vista! But just looking at this forum, particularly Kate B's thread, it would seem that there are many issues affecting other peoples machines.

I would guess that most people take the upgrade route rather than a clean install, and this seems to be where the problems lie. The lack of WHQL drivers for graphics cards and sound cards is very poor given the lead time hardware manufacturers have had.

Also compatibility with legacy software seems to be a real issue as well. I agree with you that anybody who does not have a full backup of their data before embarking on an OS upgrade is as you say being a "tad rash"

  Pine Man 20:21 16 Mar 2007

I started with Windows 3.11 with DOS 6.22 and have had every o/s since.

Each one had its horror stories but as systems evolved horrors, in my opinion, reduced.

Think back to the problems with W95, W98 got better and XP was pretty good but still problems, particularly with Service Packs.

I now run Vista and it is far and away the best, in my opinion, what little niggles I had could and should have been resolved my hard and software manufacturers, they had enough notice!

  SteveWH 20:26 16 Mar 2007

I have not had any really significant issues with Vista but then I have had the advantage of getting a new machine from Evesham the PC was well set up and is powerful enough. I had my last PC again an Evesham for 4 years I can't remember the last time XP crashed I am sure the same will be the case with Vista.

Vista really is a very good OS it's always best I think to do a clean install whatever OS you install.

It's a shame that hardware and software manufacturers let the side down there was such a long lead time that there is no excuse really.

  Galdana 22:07 16 Mar 2007

I've installed Vista Ultimate OEM over the top of XP and have been running for nearly 6 weeks without any major probs.
3 year old Dell-8400,3.4GHz,1G ram,256 Nvidia Ge Force 6800, gives a vista score of 4.3 (so what !)
My old DVD copy soft ware will not work but apart from that, every thing else has been running ok,
but I'm not a games player... so don't shoot me down too quick.
Using Norton 2007 without problems or any reduced speed compared to XP. Got Norton 2007 with my BT BB package foc, no probs either.
Must say I love all the extra system data, back-up and security of Vista/U.
Still leaning

  Forum Editor 00:10 17 Mar 2007

Many issues there may be, but you said you cannot afford for your machine to be trashed by Vista. I was simply pointing out that - as far as I'm aware - this hasn't happened to anyone.

We saw far more problems with Windows XP when it was first launched.

i have just removed it from my system, regards the legal/moral issues i have a problem with the 'upgrade advisor' which, 2 months ago i ran, it told me i had a software incompatibility problem with norton ghost and my network driver was incompatible (which it wasnt!)
it also told me my optimum choice was ultimate.
i had 42, list them if you like, programs that dont work with vista, im a bit new to computing so i feel i should have had more warning that i would have to search pretty damn hard to find a program that does work with vista!
fully and without problems, ie stopping it with the task manager

  Flak999 01:33 17 Mar 2007

I suppose it is for each person to judge whether or not they want to take the risk of installing an at best flaky OS and running the risk of having numerous problems to contend with.

If people just use their computers for leisure then perhaps it is worth the risk involved? However if it is a critical tool for your business then maybe waiting until a more "finished product" is available is the best course of action?

  Forum Editor 07:56 17 Mar 2007

I'm frankly astonished to see you refer to Vista as "at best flaky". It's the most rigorously tested operatig system ever released, and certainly isn't flaky at all. You haven't used it, so you're really relying on a bit of hearsay to form your opinion. I assure you the risk involved is minimal, provided you take the kind of commonsense steps that anyone should take before installing something as important as an operating system.

Obviously each person must make their own judgment, based on what they hear, but you seem prone to making rather sweeping, dramatic statements about trashing and flakeyness, without any basis in fact.

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