Vista and Firefox problems

  bonnbonn 23:10 25 Apr 2009

I can be using Vista for a couple of hours then type in a new URL. Nothing happens but I get the word "stopped" on the status line (where it normally says "done").

I then have to re-boot and can continue. I also get no response from OE when this happens.

Takes ages to re-boot after this - maybe many minutes unlike a normal shut down.

Any suggestions please?

  brundle 23:21 25 Apr 2009

Need more info - ISP, cable or ADSL broadband, wired or wireless connection, antivirus/internet security software or third party firewall installed....

  bonnbonn 10:54 26 Apr 2009

hi Brundle,

I'm in France so am with Wanadoo (Orange) with a ADSL broadband connection. I've got a Sagem modem (USB). I use AVG free for virus and Zonealarm.

I've used the above for years without any problem so can't think they are at fault.

I remember my problems started when I downloaded the new MSN, didn't like it for the "stopped" reason so tried system restore but that went haywire so I tried other messenger programs which were not as good so I downloaded MSN again and it seems to have settled down now. But left me with this "stopped" biz.

Hope you can help.

  cetlab 15:48 26 Apr 2009


I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago .
It was Zonealarm , i ditched Zonealarm and went with Comodo i have had no problems since .Do a search in Google and you will find loads of answers all pointing to your firewall.

  bonnbonn 16:04 26 Apr 2009

Hi Cetlab,

I'm really grateful for your response!

I'm curious though as to why there was no problem in the past. However, I'll uninstall ZA and see if the problem still occurs.



  bonnbonn 17:03 26 Apr 2009

hi Cetlab,

I've just downloaded the firewall - would you recommend the anti-v as well and therefore not use AVG free?


  cetlab 18:42 26 Apr 2009


I use AVG.It is up to you .

  bonnbonn 12:33 28 Apr 2009

Hi Cetlab,

Just reporting 48 hours with no problems.

Thanks again.


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