Vista File system

  jack 08:49 01 Sep 2007

What file system does Vista use?
I have come across a couple of queries whereby users have acquired a new Vista system only to find that an external drive used on XP cannot be accessed.
Any thoughts?

  anskyber 09:07 01 Sep 2007


  jack 09:38 01 Sep 2007

And does it read the universal 32 bit?
[why did I not think of this first - typical example of -engage brain before sliding out keyboard drawer] the System/disk management is that the same as XP?
YTou of appreciate I am being asked all this and I do not know Vista at all

  Forum Editor 11:38 01 Sep 2007

Is it being recognised?

If it is, then there's no good reason why Vista shouldn't be able to read the drive contents. If, on the other hand the drive isn't being recognised we can delve a little deeper.

  jack 11:59 01 Sep 2007

Thank you FE - I will contact my 'sicky' and elicit further info.

  jz 17:31 02 Sep 2007

I find that if I connect my Vista PC to external hard disk with a USB to IDE adapter, Vista doesn't like it, but XP is OK with it. I've read that Vista is more fussy about drivers for these types of devices. You can't get updated drivers for them because they don't have them for these types of devices - "Mass storage devices". The drivers are built into Windows.

  jack 17:23 03 Sep 2007

Thank you for that jz
I have got back to my contact and suggested that they prove the drive on an XP M/C- which they are going to do and come back.
USB devices such as drives as you say in ME/2000/XP
do not need drivers the OS has it all.
Is this not so with VISTA?

  Totally-braindead 18:34 03 Sep 2007

As far as I am aware it is the same with Vista. I know when I tried Vista, before reverting to XP it read my USB drive perfectly and I didn't have to do anything other than plug it in. It installed whatever drivers it needed I didn't have to do a thing, same with my little USB keydrive, plug in and go.

Perhaps his drive is slightly different and needs particular software?

  jz 00:04 05 Sep 2007

From what I've read, it's the same with Vista as it is for XP/2000/ME (ie you do not supply the driver, it comes with the OS). The difference is that Vista is more fussy. If the device (eg external drive) doesn't respond in quite the right way, Vista won't install the driver, whereas XP/2000/ME usually will since they are more tolerant of an incorrect response. I suspect it's a security feature of Vista that the device must respond in the correct way for Vista to install the driver.

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